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Calling a uniform girl to the toilet of the school building on t SALE



It was a product that was sold in the past as men's data. I don't remember the title
Be careful not to buy anyone you know!
In the past, Gikore was sold separately for the first half of 1690 yen and the second half of 1690 yen, and it was out of print for a long time,

This time, as a [reprint version], the first half and the second half were edited together with one book

[Video content] -----------------------------------

With active junior J〇-chan of Saffle who was physically related in the past

I tried to contact by line w

I don't seem to have a boyfriend right now

"Iyo" and OK shooting!

I decided to take a gonzo on the school toilet

There are floors where no students come to any school.

Snake in the restroom there and wait while preparing to shoot.

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It's been a long time since I called J〇 who ate rice during lunch break!

It was a bit unfriendly.

The promise was "do not take a face", so there is a camera in a position where the face is not very visible.

While making a blowjob

When I heard that it had not been etched for several months, when I touched it there

Already bishobisho bun! And the anal is beautiful

Suddenly it entered smoothly even from the back (^ ^)

Sample Gif image is prepared.

Once you enter, the rest is just a meat urinal w

The lines that you care about, like "I'm going to be a chime" or "I'm coming!"

Then lower the pant voice a little more (^ ^)

ク リ ッ ク You can hear the audio sample by clicking the thumbnail image at the top.

The male voice is cut and the video has subtitles

J〇 is late for class because of the late chime (small sound)

The photographer has graduated, so it doesn't matter (^^) Finishing comfortably while listening to the chime! Kanari tightness was good and it was comfortable!

After that, for the first time, I did goodbye with J〇 on the spot (^ ^)

the end

Sample Gif image is prepared.

There is no problem because it is a delusion situation work!
This work is a delusion fiction of a molester who has a delusional habit and has nothing to do with real people, students, organizations, vehicles, and buildings.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

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[Product version video details] -------------------------------------------- --------

Video time: 8 minutes 27 seconds
Frame: 1920 * 1080 Full HD
Size: 851 MB
Bit rate: 14051 kbps
Format: mp4
With sound: 253kbps

Click here for the URL to this video⇒

* 動画 I could watch videos on my smartphone, but since I am editing for a large screen for PC,
windows media player and gom player are recommended
Operation confirmed on android

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------


・ Leaking, reselling, reprinting, duplicating and editing videos and images is a violation of copyright law and is strictly prohibited. At the time of discovery of the leak, not in Japan, but in the United States California law of the title of the right to claim Gutsuri compensation.
・ This work is a situation work that complies with the laws of Japan, and has been taken with permission from a shooting set on private land.
・ The person appearing in this work is a model of 18 years old or older who has confirmed his / her ID, and photographs are taken with consent.

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------
Lady molester
Original Gonzo Voyeur Style Live Individual Shooting Amateur j 〇 Toilet Individual Shooting Virgin SM Touching Molester Raw Taken Junior Active

【Tags】 Uniform train molester raw shot gakkouhame pants upside down shooting insertion naughty
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2023年 1/17更新 今年もよろしくお願いします。値引きされてなかった商品を値引きしました。

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