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Why did a woman looking from above drop tears after the act? Noz


Why did a woman looking from above drop tears after the act? Noz
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Why did a woman looking from above drop tears after the act?
I get angry with my bossy attitude and slam my male organs violently without saying anything!

Nozomi 40 years old
Height 162Weight 51 Blood type A B83 (C) W61H86

Why is your wife with a neat face in a sleek style?
This is my first impression.
When I heard the story, I became nervous that I had to deal with a mortgage instead of her husband who was restructured.
Perhaps because he is cornered, he reopens without being cute, and speaks from a very high level.
As if it was stupid, there was no ear to listen to people's stories quite like "Man is such a thing" "SEX is a temporary thing" etc.
He talks about pure love affairs like running away, and SEX is like a roller coaster.

I thought this was due to her husband's cheating, but she said she was sexless for five or six years and she was about half a year ago in SEX.
In other words, my affair partner.
That's why I didn't try to answer this question in a straightforward manner, and finally began to answer reluctantly as the time passed and the disturbing air was flowing.

The first experience is 18 years old, opponent is a 25-year-old boyfriend.
Although I was somewhat interested, it was fun to meet normally, so the SEX itself is "Is this something?"
To date, there are only 10 experienced people.
I don't seem to have any deep SEX experience and I have no memories of this, and I want to do it today without knowing what I want to do or what type of sex I have.
It is twisted anyway.

I ask her to change into a cosplay of a nurse who is not her usual to get excited.
Slurry and long legs shine on the miniskirt, but a sullen face from the nose.
She tries to force her, but frowns on her face.
When turning up the black bra, the nipple is raised in cherry blossoms with a small bust.
As usual, he does not make a voice, but when pushed down on the sofa, the dick makes a sound,
I'm starting to feel, but I turn away.
Then blindfold and let the bed lie down.
Grab your chest and suck up your nipples.
The man got excited when the underwear was stripped and the dick was exposed.
When a man who feels hated is screwed into his wife's mouth, he can pop out of his mouth but screw again.
The blindfolded wife remains silent.
The mass of desire removed from her mouth was sunk into his wife's wet dick without saying.
"Eh?" The voice leaks out as if stimulated with a finger.
While being tossed by the movement of his waist shaken violently, he squeezes the edge of the pillow.
The figure that is slammed violently later by the blindfold looks humiliated.
The pant voice naturally grows louder when the man shakes hard to make him cry with pleasure.
And when he noticed that the man's movement was so fast and the moment of ascension was approaching, he poured a lot of semen on his stomach while rigidizing his cherry-colored nipple.
When she sees it, she asks, "Did you take the rubber?
Did you mistake the removal of the condom by a man without a condom at the moment of ejaculation?
After that, something that shines on her eyes.
I don't know if the slightly floating tears were a regret over the line or thought that they could be inserted without a condom.
However, after everything was over, I saw a person shaking her pillow naked on a camera she kept rotating, burying her face.
There is no doubt that it was the tears of a woman who spent her best.

--- Time --- 37 minutes 7 seconds
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