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[Intrusion molester] Opening my eyes is the best resistance. Her


[Intrusion molester] Opening my eyes is the best resistance. Her
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A super cute OL is in a car parked in a nearby parking lot
Maybe it's an outside sales person?
I was watching near the car for a few minutes, but it seemed to be quite sleepy
It doesn't work with the pickle.
I think this is a chance and approach the car gently and make as little noise as possible
I went into the passenger seat and did it.
The white blouse jumps in front of my eyes
To be honest, I think I lost my sense here.
And I think she was probably awake at this point
It is not clear.

Her biggest resistance was waking up from [pretending to be asleep].
The moment she opened her eyes with courage, I ran away.
I think that when I did a molesting act more than that, I was disturbed.

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