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[Photo] Great bargain price for stay home! Plump bikini layer 43


[Photo] Great bargain price for stay home! Plump bikini layer 43
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This is a pink bikini layer with a plump body and a blonde wig, which was taken by Comiket in a certain year when he was still crowded in the garden.
It's more of a normal bikini girl than a cosplay ^^ ;, but with a transparent float in one hand under a cloudy sky, the beach is in the middle of summer ^^;
Even so, the sensation of flesh from the waist to the hips to the thighs is unbearable ^^; (especially the thigh line is ideal with flesh)
A small bikini fits tightly on the hips with a contoured body, and the shape of the buttocks can be clearly seen from the cracks. I had an urge to pull off the string on the side of the bikini and take it off ^^;

Even though 430 pieces of such shooting data are recorded with a high resolution of 4000 × 2667 px, we will exhibit it at a great service of 1000 yen. (The price may increase in the future ^^;)
It's a boring GW that you can't go out, but why not soak yourself in the mood of a summer in front of your computer at home?

If it seems to be popular, we will also consider selling the next series, so I hope you can buy it ^ ^

File format JPEG
Resolution 4000 x 2667
430 sheets recorded * Sample images are slightly color-corrected

【Tags】 Cosplay Layer Cosplayer High leg bite Bikini Erotic wear Beauty Butt Hip
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