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Crossing underwear 1 "Children and girls, although it looks like


Crossing underwear 1 "Children and girls, although it looks like
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As you all know, in this country, as in Western countries, the crackdown on children's sex tends to be significantly strengthened. It's a very old-fashioned idea that seems to be a Japanese who loves imitating Western monkeys, but the spirit of wanting to protect boys and girls should be greatly respected. I have no objection to that point. But no matter how beautiful the building is, it must not deviate from reality. What is the actual situation as a result of enthusiasm to protect children and the dark cloud regulation? The streets are still full of girl prostitution, let alone the hyenas who exploit the sex of girls, they are becoming more dangerous as they become underground and sharpened by strengthening laws.

In the first place, what can we get by mischievously cracking down on things? Girl lovers used to be peaceful in the protection of law, but, as I said, the current climate has changed that. Good old girl enthusiasts hide their shadows in the cold eye of the world, while the emergence of violent girl exploiters who do not violate the law. It is an unsophisticated goro who does not know the manner of "loving a girl". This is the end of the book.

Once upon a time, when Mao Zedong saw a sparrow picking rice ears and made a fuss, saying, "That is a harmful bird!" But what was the result? Extermination of sparrows was caused by the outbreak of harmful insects such as flies and locusts. Not to mention the devastating impact on agricultural production brought about by it. In other words, the exact same thing is about to happen in this country now. A lot of locusts who do not know the manners are actually occurring.

On that point, let's say Enkosha is a good old sparrow. Swallows humbly "pick" rice ears against pests that eat and eat until the crop disappears and disappears. This "tsunami" is, in other words, "within the law." To love girls in the rules of society and morals, what is needed in this country is not that ignorant prejudice against oral recon, but that attitude. And I was deeply resonated with that attitude of Mr. Enkosha.

It's been a little longer, but this is my motivation for joining the company. Probably, all the wise people who have purchased Mr. Enkosha's works will understand. To the last, "Tsubami", "To the extent of the law", the work I shot this time is also finished in that way.

Koichi who has big mouth and big breasts.

I'm not the only one who can boil saliva with this phrase alone.

This naive black hair is wonderful, despite the fact that this girl, who is reminiscent of AKB's Yukirin, has a rich bust with a disproportionate facial expression. The black hair of an adult woman has a "dare" feeling in her nose, but since she is a child, it is natural that she has black hair, and this "naturally black hair" must be true.

By the way, we asked Real JK to do a "new product development monitor for men's underwear" this time.

The outline is simple.

We would like to develop a men's underwear for young women, so please try the sample products.

That's all I told her.

First of all, let me see the product with my eyes, then touch it with my finger, and finally have it in my mouth, and let me know your honest impression of the texture. It is a serious project that will greatly contribute to improving the quality of underwear.

So where is the Enkosha specification?

This time, JK asked us to perform the three actions I explained earlier with the man wearing underwear.

Perhaps many people who watch this video think that this is a blowjob. But not. It just monitors the texture of the underwear. It's definitely not a blowjob.

In the first place, fellatio is a sexual intercourse act, so if you ask a child to do it, it will be against the law. Since we are a company that adheres to the law, we will not do such a thing. It's a bit awkward, but I'm just asking you to confirm the comfort of licking your underwear.

Of course, since it is worn by a real person, it is unavoidable that the body reacts. It's a force majeure. Even if the lump of meat in the undergarment squeezes and secretes something like a liquid, it is human physiology, and the law does not deny human physiology. ..

Also, even if JK, who should only lick his underwear, gradually moisturizes his eyes from the middle, or even if he overlaps his lips so as to conform to the contour line of the contents protruding through the cloth, JK's If you can't know what it really means, it won't be a sufficient requirement. Whether or not the abalone is associated with the female genitals is a matter of individual imagination.

This time, JK monitored two kinds of underwear for men.

One is a typical boxer short, and the other is a very small pair that even large people may find difficult to wear.

Each person carefully and carefully examined the texture with JK's palm and a pink, sensitive tongue.

Video: 26 minutes 10 seconds
The video will be in mpeg4 format.
If you have any questions about the video, please feel free to contact us at

This video was shot in accordance with the laws and regulations of Japan, and there is no illegal activity.
The notation JK in the text is our original name for "Japanese cute child" and is not used to represent age.
We make sure that the age of the subject is verified, and we also have a copy of the age verification document.

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