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Amateur girl's ball licking


Amateur girl's ball licking
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Personal filming video of a man who loves to lick balls and has amateur girls lick his balls.

It's great that girls these days give blowjobs very normally.
I've heard that the teen magazines have some tips on how to make your boyfriend's pussy feel good.

This time I just focused on licking his balls and asked him to lick my balls from start to finish.
I'm not sure where he learned to do it, but he was so happy to see that he was able to do it.
We've started producing semen tanks at a tremendous rate, too!

First: Aki (28)
Even a high class vacuum cleaner has an amazing suction power.
Add a ball of gold to it, and voila! and swallowing strokes, I guess you could say that the staple food is now balls of gold.

Second: Asuka (20)
Being that she is still young, she is a bit more reserved than the other girls?
But he was up for the challenge, and he did a healthy job of licking my balls while being straddled in the face.

Third: ? (26)
Her day job is nursery school teacher, an erotic profession on par with nurses and apparel!
Add a little prankster's heart to the devotion, and you're playing with your balls like you're playing with them!

Fourth: Yui (25)
Great aggressiveness in cleaning your balls with your own tongue!
I can't help but laugh at the sticky ball licking that seems to tongue out the dirt between the wrinkles and creases.

Fifth: Misaki (31)
The last is a hundred battles (?) sis.
You're too erotic when you first stick your nose between your legs and take a big deep breath!

There is no production act at all. It becomes a personal filming animation specialized in ball licking.

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