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[Fetish video] A female college student with long black hair in


[Fetish video] A female college student with long black hair in
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This video is a product of the same model as the simultaneous exhibition "[Fetish video] Female college student's plump nice ass and crotch exposed from the slit" which has been well received.

I can't show my face, but I asked a 21-year-old amateur female college student (height 166 cm) with beautiful fair-skinned black hair and a neat girlish look to become a model, and REALISE, a swimsuit maker famous for fetish swimsuits. I had them wear a (realize) high-leg T-back type.
In parallel with normal still photography, I took a telephoto shot from a place that was a little far from a single-lens reflex camera, and took a fixed-point shot horizontally and slightly diagonally, paying particular attention to the angle.
The gestures to pose are also very neat and feminine, and the feeling of Yamato nadeshiko drifts.
It's just a video that focuses only on the crotch and buttocks, but it can be said that it is a second skin, a matte texture that conveys the shape of the body that sticks to the skin, and a crotch with white skin that sticks tightly. , The texture of the fabric that bites into the inguinal region is annoying, ^^; I think it's an irresistible image for people who have similar habits.
(Also, I'm excited to see the faint shadows from both sides of the inguinal region flickering ^^;)
Also, I won't reveal the details here, but I used to be a portrait model at several photo sessions, and while it looks beautiful, it kills me in seconds in less than a minute because of its neat and clean appearance. He is also a very popular model who is always full ^^;
Only the videos exhibited here can be seen as licking the crotch and limbs of a superb model who can usually only shoot in plain clothes.
By all means, please enjoy the full screen of a female college student who wraps a high-leg T-back swimsuit made of stretch material in her beautiful butt and crotch ^^;

File format MP4
Recording time 8 minutes 02 seconds
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Data rate 20.04 megabits / sec
Encoder H.264
* Audio has been deleted.
* Since it is shot in parallel with still shooting, the video camera is fixed with a mini tripod for fixed point shooting.
* The color of the sample image is slightly corrected.

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