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Thin-walled condominium, sex room for good-looking guys and girl



The room I rent is an apartment with a very thin wall

It was too thin and I could hear all the voices and sounds, and there were many troubles...

I considered moving, but canceled. Why is that... the handsome guys have moved to the next room.

And it turns into a spooky room for handsome yaritin... hunsome and cute girls wouldn't want to see the real room in sweat.

There are many clubs in the vicinity, and good-looking guys take them home with them, and they are super cute gals, pick-ups, popular mistresses and young people who like good-looking guys.

Every morning and afternoon, men and women come in and out, bringing in a cute girl and having sex...

Even if it is a thin wall, there is a wall, so the sound becomes quieter. So if you use the editing machine to adjust the sound and blow it up...

The cute girl's nasty pant voice and the sound that the skin hits with skin...Bichavicha love juice sounds even more and the excitement doubles

It means that it is such a thin wall lol

Sometimes I open windows and have sex, so I wonder how much I want to brag about people...

Imagine it coming from your room next door!

The volume is adjusted so that you can hear it firmly on the editing machine.

We will omit inaudible sounds and private conversations, and will send only the audio of the sex part as much as possible.

*Please note the following before purchasing.*

The model is confirmed to be 18 years or older.

Only audio. Enjoy erotic voice.

Multiple girls recorded (If you have sex for a long time, it will be a single item)

It is prohibited to transfer the purchased work to a third party, sell, distribute, lend, etc. regardless of whether it is paid or free.

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It is prohibited to transfer the purchased work to a third party, sell, distribute, lend, etc. regardless of whether it is paid or free.
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