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Molester recording diary vol.49【3rd】


Molester recording diary vol.49【3rd】
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A woman in a check skirt walking in front of her while walking home.
Is it a teenager for the purpose of seeing it? She looked like a uniform, so I followed her.
As usual, there are many targets who do not know whether the station here is active or fake.
If it's cute, everything is OK.
The target this time is also a girl with an insanely beautiful face.
She got in from behind and tried to touch it.
Her style is slim and has a body that is peculiar to a young child who is tight.
The feel of her ass is perfect, and her touch is plentiful.
She stroked her ass and looked at it ...
She just looks at her cell phone and doesn't seem to dislike it. .. ..
this is…
The line that I'm used to molesting is thick ...
It's a bad habit to feel boring without responding if you don't respond.
In that case, I will shift her underwear to round up her raw bread and make a raw man ...
Trace the cracks along the line and slowly insert her finger ...
It was a target that did not show any reaction as usual, but when her finger found a hole and thrust it into her first joint ...
A target that moves slightly ...
Put her finger in the back of her and move her fingertip in a slightly rough place ...
A target whose body sways clearly differently ... I can't make a voice or make a facial expression ...
I feel ...
The entrance that closes tightly every time you move your finger inside is erotic and erotic ...
The young child's pussy is really hard and erotic ...
I got plenty of secret parts until the target went down.

(Pink panties are a good impression: 85 points)

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・ This work complies with domestic and foreign laws and there is no illegal activity.
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