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47 years old with a history of divorce, put his own vibrator and


47 years old with a history of divorce, put his own vibrator and
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47 years old with a history of divorce, put his own vibrator and rotor in a plastic bag and bring masturbation.

Height 156 cm Weight 43 kg B85 (D) W58H85 Blood type AB

Hisako 47 years old.
Her child is an adult, so she works part-time as a chat lady in the middle of the night.
She doesn't show her face, but she says she can see her female genitals.
Therefore, masturbation is every day.
She isn't all serious, but she seems to be a masochist who somehow goes into serious mode when she is given a command tone or deposit.

Her first experience is 16 years old. She was a 22 year old boyfriend and she.
She was painless and she said she felt good from the beginning.
Her third boyfriend was very good at SEX, was using lotion and was quickly inserted into her anus.
She doesn't feel good, but she seems to have become a masochist, accepting her requests from around this time.
She loves to lick her clitoris and she can't show her, but she's a beautiful female genital with few villas and little pubic hair.

For some reason her first masturbation was in the sixth grade of elementary school.
She felt good when she suddenly thrust her finger into her hole one day.
She just felt good.
She was a hole sect at first, and in the third year of high school after her first experience, she learned to rub her current clitoris with her finger and ascend to heaven.
After remembering her pleasure in her rotor, she exclusively used the rotor and the vibrator.

When her woman turns 47, she may not be ashamed of her, so bring her usual vibrator and rotor in a plastic bag with a zipper.
It's funny that she pulls out the battery properly.

Two cameras, two-angle video in a room with nobody.

Masturbation takes off the T-back and her lower body is naked.
She takes off her bra and rubs her boobs, first from the rotor.
Peel the clitoris and apply the rotor.
The vibrator is inserted when the female genitals get wet.
Use the rotor while holding it dexterously so that her little finger does not vibrate.
When I was about to ascend to heaven, I focused on the rotor to hit the clitoris pinpointly.
It is strange that the extruded vibrator is wandering around the female genitals.
After her ascension, I wondered if I would wipe my genitals with her tissue, wiping her wet bed.

--- Time --- 49 minutes 46 seconds
With audio

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------
* This work was shot with the consent of the performers.

* By law, people under the age of 18 cannot purchase.

* Contents that violate the terms of use and the laws in Japan are not included.
* We have confirmed that the model is over 18 years old.
* We have obtained the consent of the model regarding shooting and sales.

* You can download with confidence because we have obtained permission from the right holder to use the video.
* It is prohibited to transfer, sell, distribute, or lend the purchased work to a third party beyond the scope of private use, regardless of whether it is paid or free of charge.

【Tags】 amateur mature woman document forty years onanism rotor vibe
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