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[Sleep ● Fuck] # 01 Beautiful colleague OL Yuri-chan coma ... A


[Sleep ● Fuck] # 01 Beautiful colleague OL Yuri-chan coma ... A
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My colleague OL is Yuri-chan.
To be honest, she had been aiming for it for a long time, but it is a video when she really decided to team up with her bad friend.
She has a pretty gentle personality, her face is a gentle healing idol of a super beautiful company, and there are quite a lot of men who are aiming for it.
I can't say much about the process of bringing it here, but please forgive me.

She was completely ridiculous and seemed to feel good in many ways.
At first, I carefully checked where I was sleeping, and I tried tapping my cheeks and stroking, to be honest, just because the idol of the company was sleeping here, the excitement was suppressed with a full erection. I can't, I'm sorry if my breathing is noisy ...
When I turn over the futon, Yuri-chan in her usual clothes ...
Bad friends are all you want to forget to be my colleague.
When I turned over her clothes, her cute underwear, which I could only imagine, came out, it was pink. I was so impressed that she always wore such underwear, and she gradually touched her skin, and she was still excited about her smooth skin.

At that time, Yuri-chan was reacting a little, perhaps because it didn't work. She honestly thought her life was over.
She turns over, "Uuuuuun ...".
Our hands also stop for a moment, but when she looks closely, she seems to be completely dreaming.
We decided that there was no consciousness and took off more.

I'm dreaming ...
I gradually came to understand what kind of dream I had, is that dream my boyfriend ... I'm doing it in my dreams. It seemed to be asking.
It turned into conviction when she sucked herself when she brought her finger to her mouth. She sucks crazy and has her soft tongue entwined around my fingers. When I put out the dick and put it in her mouth, the bad friend also detected it, and the mouth opened and it stuck to the dick.

From there it was all you wanted to do ...
I'm glad that I definitely feel it even if I rub my boobs.
Even if you kiss, it will stick to you.
Even if you touch the nipple, it will guide you and the cute pink nipple will tick ...
When I rub the dick over her panties, she guides my hand by herself ...
She always smiles and works hard, but when it comes to SEX, I'm sure she's positive, and I could feel her usual private SEX just a little.
I felt happy, and I was convinced that it was a metamorphosis from the ground up.

I've had a lot of mischief with vibes and electric massage machines
This is the end of the work introduction.
After that, I meet at the office every day without getting caught.
When asking for materials or copying, or when making tea.
When you have a casual chat.
The thing of this video inevitably springs out of my head.

* There is an extra video.

Approximately 64 minutes
File format: MP4
Frame: 1920x1080
With audio (Some parts are muted to avoid specifying the location)

* The female performers in this work must be 18 years of age or older on their ID card.
* Photographed with the consent of the female performers.
* This work is an original video made for the purpose of being released.
* Secondary use, transfer, reprint, resale, etc. are prohibited.

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