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8-1 Two Frankfurts crushing food with strap heel pumps


8-1 Two Frankfurts crushing food with strap heel pumps
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It is a hood crash for personal photography.

I had him trample on two Frankfurt with the new pink strap pumps.
The image is that if you buy it at a store and try to eat it, you accidentally drop it on the floor, and you can't eat it anymore, so you can't help but crush it.
It's cute to crush it in a mess, make a shoe mark, and laugh innocently.

There are two patterns from the front and diagonally above.
I also took a picture of my throat up, but this will be sold separately.
Please purchase the one you like.

Foot up Ver.

I want both! There is also a great set sale for those who say.

Front & diagonally above 2 patterns Ver.
297MB 17 minutes 33 seconds

Shooting is done with the camera fixed so that there is no camera shake.
Since the main focus is on shoes and trampling, there is no talk.
Please note that strange sounds (me) and strange shadows (me) may be included.
Please purchase after understanding and understanding the above.
Secondary distribution of downloaded products, publication on video sites, transfer of data, etc. are prohibited.
Please use it for personal enjoyment.
However, you are free to use the screenshots and the samples posted on youtube as long as you specify the name of my "scene of stepping on shoes".

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