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A slender 20-year-old part-time worker shakes her body with a pl


A slender 20-year-old part-time worker shakes her body with a pl
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A 20-year-old part-time jobber will be shooting for the first time.
She is a slender beauty with clear white skin.
She usually works part-time at a karaoke box.

She hasn't been dating for about two years now, but she seems to have a saffle-like person.
However, she hasn't had sex lately, and when she gets horny, she uses an electric massage machine to do sex alone to eliminate her sexual desire.

She has been interested in AV for a long time and she wants to save money, so she applied this time.
It feels nervous and throbbing because of her first shoot and having sex in a bright place.

Her erogenous zones are nipples and chestnuts, and her favorite position is missionary.
In the missionary position, I like the phallus because it hits a comfortable place in the dick.

She seems to be feeling naughty just by kissing, and she screams "un" and "ah" and entangles her tongue.
Even if I touch her breasts from the top of her clothes, I get a naughty voice.

She is already standing in Bing when she slides her bra and looks at her nipples.
When her nipples are tampered with with her fingers, her body is shocked and her pant voice grows louder.

When her electric massage machine is applied to the dick from the top of her pants, she feels comfortable and makes her hips squeaky, and greets her climax with a loud voice, "Ah, Ikuikutsu".
When I take off her pants, the dick is seriously slimy, and when I touch the chestnut, I feel that her fair-skinned body is throbbing.

When she gets cunnilingus and her fingering at the same time, she once again says "Ah, Iku" and culminates in her.
When the G-spot is stimulated by her fingering, the man juice overflows and you can hear a jerky and obscene sound.

When it is inserted in the missionary position on the sofa, it panting "Ah, it feels good".
When it is violently pistoned, it panting with "Ah, good".
When it is pierced violently by standing back posture, it pants loudly and overflows man juice from the dick.

Straddling on top in her cowgirl position, she swings her hips to devour the pleasure of her big cock.
When it is pierced from below, it distorts the face with pleasure and panting.
Even in the backward woman on top posture, she shakes her hips and makes the insertion part sticky with overflowing man juice and culminates.
When it is pushed up violently at the woman on top posture again, it reaches the climax again and becomes stunned.

Even after that, she is violently stabbed in her sitting position, missionary position, coronation, back, etc., distorting her beautiful face and climaxing many times.
At the end, she was fucked at missionary posture again, and a lot of shots were made on her beautiful face, and she politely did a cleaning blow job.
It is exciting to see the beautiful body of a fair-skinned slender being pierced violently and overflowing with serious juice and panting.

Time: 60 minutes 49 seconds mp4

* The performers are over 18 years old and have obtained the consent of the shooting.

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