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A 20-year-old female college student with a slender beauty inser


A 20-year-old female college student with a slender beauty inser
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A 20-year-old female college student challenges her first shoot.
She was nervous on her first shoot, her facial expression was stiff and her shoulders were strong.

She is a fair-skinned, beautiful woman with a well-organized face and is a Russian quarter.
She was born in Russia and she soon came to Japan and grew up, so she looks completely Japanese.

I haven't had a boyfriend for about a year now, and during that time I haven't had sex at all.
She doesn't have sex alone even if she gets horny, and she just puts up with it.

She has little naughty experience and her knowledge is not as good as her friends around her, so she can be fooled by her friends' naughty conversations.
That's why I applied because I wanted to increase the experience value of sex.

She is not good at exercising, but she seems to be soft because she was doing classical ballet.
She had a great deal of trouble, so I asked her to show off her Y-shaped balance.

The number of experienced people is as small as two people, and it is a person who has been dating together, and it will be an etch with a person who has not been dating for the first time in this shooting.
Even though I was dating, it seems that the frequency of sex was low, about once every two weeks.

It seems that the body is still undeveloped, and even when asked about the erogenous zone, it seems that I do not understand it well.
She looks embarrassed as she wears her underwear and rubs her breasts over her bra.
Sliding her bra and looking at her tits, she has beautiful breasts in a C-cup and her little nipples are already standing crunchy.

When I lick my nipples, I feel embarrassed, but I close her mouth tightly and endure desperately not to make a voice.
When you touch the dick through your pants, you will feel damp through your pants.

When I slide my pants and touch the dick of the shaved bread, it is already slimy with serious juice.
When cunnilingus is done, I can not stand it and my voice leaks.

If you hit the dick with an electric massage machine, you will feel it while saying "strange feeling" and your hips will move.
If I kept hitting it as it was, I got it while making my body nervous.
Two fingers are put in a narrow dick and fingering is done, and a squeaky sound and a loud pant voice echo in the room and it gets sick at the climax.

When inserted in the missionary position, the pant voice is desperately suppressed at first, but when the piston is made faster, I can not stand it and the voice gradually comes out.
If you are struck by a comfortable place, you will panting and climax with "I'm going, I'm going".
If you are slammed in the coronation, your voice will leak out with the pleasure of being struck by the G-spot.

When she is stabbed in the back, she feels her hair disturbed and culminates again.
Even in standing back, it is violently pierced by a big cock, panting and repeatedly climaxing.

When you straddle the top in the cowgirl position, you will move your hips with an unfamiliar feeling.
When the big cock reaches the back, she distorts her face and does yoga.

It was inserted in the missionary position again, it was violently pistoned and panted with "Iku, Iku", and at the end it was shot in large quantities on the face and also did a cleaning fellatio.
When asked what she thought of her first Gonzo, she said, "It was amazing and comfortable ...".
Please see the inexperienced fair-skinned young body being pierced violently by a big cock and repeatedly cumming and panting.

Time: 65 minutes 38 seconds mp4

* The performers are over 18 years old and have obtained the consent of the shooting.

【Tags】 Amateur beautiful breasts C cup slender fair-skinned shaved college student Gonzo
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