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[Single-lens reflex photography] [High image quality] Profession


[Single-lens reflex photography] [High image quality] Profession
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[Single-lens reflex photography] [High image quality] Professional baseball cheerleader LM edition -2 [Popular cheerleader] [Beauty cheerleader]

This is a collection of still images taken with a 24 megapixel class single-lens reflex camera.

The seagull is a trademark of the popular professional baseball cheerleader.

The red, blue, and white tricolor colors are now a precious performance in the age of very cute costumes.
In a sexy style with a navel and armpits
The body line is completely understood, and the side fetish is also satisfying
Chia's charm "Ansco seen from a fluffy pleated skirt" is very attractive.
I'm thrilled when I enlarge it

By single-lens reflex photography
You can understand "one by one hair" and "texture of costume"
In order to enjoy high image quality, we offer it in the same shooting size! !!

This product consists of two files.
Please see others if you like.

File format: Jpeg
Number of images: 58
Image size: 6000 x 4000
Shooting equipment: 24 megapixel single-lens reflex camera
File size: 312MB

* This work is based on the terms of use.
It is not a violation.
* It is an event where shooting is permitted, and the subject has already agreed.
It is not a secret work.
* This is not illegal data.
* The pants worn by the subject in this product
Swimsuit or shorts, not underwear
* Mosaic is not applied to the actual subject.
* Reproduction, resale, publication, etc. of videos and images of the author's work are strictly prohibited.

Notes on products
Please enjoy yourself. Reprinting and secondary use are prohibited.
Sending, selling, and distributing purchased photo images and videos to third parties, regardless of whether they are paid or free of charge.
Alternatively, it is prohibited to use it beyond the scope of private use under the Copyright Law, such as lending.

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