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[Single-lens reflex camera] [Ultra high image quality] Adult XL


[Single-lens reflex camera] [Ultra high image quality] Adult XL
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[Single-lens reflex photography] [Ultra high image quality] Adult XL cheerleader FF version -2 [Popular cheerleader] [Beauty cheerleader]

This is a collection of still images taken by professional-class SLR cameras.
This time, it is a performance of the professional sports league exclusive member Chia FF.

A strong team that boasts a long history in the league and boasts top-class popularity.
Its exclusive cheerleader is also very popular beyond the boundaries of the league.
Wearing a very sexy outfit based on traditional white
It is made up of beautiful members with a high level of beauty.
Members who are sisters of famous entertainers are also enrolled.
We have recorded all the performances of such a top-notch team!

The previous work, which shot the same team, has been very well received, and we will deliver the performance of another game.
All the members are beautiful and beautiful
I hope you will enjoy it this time as well.

By single-lens reflex photography
"Each hair" and "Costume texture"
You can even understand "sweat like a ball floating on firm skin"
Provided in a large size so that you can enjoy high image quality! !!
Since image quality is prioritized, the size of each image is about 12MB.

In addition, this work consists of 4 parts from -1 to -4.
Please see others if you like.

File format: Jpeg
Number of images: 100
Image size: 5568 x 3712
Shooting equipment: Professional class high-end SLR + large ternary lens used
File size: 1.14GB

* This work is based on the terms of use and does not violate it.
* It is an event where shooting is permitted, and the subject has already agreed. It is not a secret work.
* This is not illegal data.
* The pants worn by the subject in this product are swimwear or shorts, not underwear.
* Mosaic is not applied to the actual subject.
* Reproduction, resale, publication, etc. of videos and images of the author's work are strictly prohibited.

Notes on products
Please enjoy yourself. Reprinting and secondary use are prohibited.
Regardless of whether it is paid or free of charge, it is prohibited to use the purchased photographic images / videos beyond the scope of private use under the Copyright Law, such as sending, selling, distributing, or lending to a third party.

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