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Masturbation of a woman who likes multiple SEX. Ayumi 27 years o


Masturbation of a woman who likes multiple SEX. Ayumi 27 years o
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Masturbation of multiple SEX favorite women

Ayumi 27 years old
Height 154 cm Weight 43 kg Blood type A B83 (C) W58H88

Masturbation is 2 fixed cameras in one room of 3LDK (Room 202).
She is in an empty room as usual (no time instructions),
When it's over (Room 201), I'll have you come to call me, so I can see the cleanup after masturbation.
Promise to meet at Tokyo station early in the morning.
I've been in contact with Ayumi for about three weeks, but does she really appear?
The cell phone rings at the promised time, saying "I've arrived" there.
She came to Tokyo on the Shinkansen.
She is smaller and fairer than the impression of the image she sent.
She feels like a normal girl who seems to be an adult, but when she listens to various stories on the moving train,
She doesn't seem to be shy, and she answers questions with a flutter.

She started masturbating after her first experience.
After she had sex, she was full of interest and libido at once.
She didn't take off her underwear at the time and she felt good over the cloth, but she now likes to use rotors.
Her SEX is twice a week, and her partner is still with her friends.

Her first experience is 19 years old.
She was the only daughter and she was carefully raised, and although she was interested in men, she had never dated the opposite sex.
However, she says that she has changed dramatically since she knew the man, and she was crazy about horny sex.
Her experience is lightly over three digits, and most of her SEX opponents are ordinary male friends, and she has made everyone a hole brother.
On weekends, she said, "Oh, I have to have sex to finish."

One day, when I was invited to karaoke by her boyfriend, there was another man with her friend.
It's 3P in no time without having to drink alcohol.
And when I noticed, the number of men increased to 8 people before I knew it.
Waiting for your turn.
"It's a terrible story," he said, "I enjoyed it." "It was the most comfortable SEX I've ever had."
He is a person who can lightly say ridiculous things.
In short, a woman who likes to be done by multiple people.
She seems to have been masochistic in the first place, and she seems to be excited to play with multiple opponents and in a narrow car.
(What will be taken by the camera?) "I'm fine," she immediately answered.

This item is here, but I edited the following works again and separated them by angle.
"Like being ruined by a plural number ;, as for all the friends, brothers, the onanism are rotors Ayumi (27 years old)"

--- Time --- 26 minutes 47 seconds

With audio

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------
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