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Imai (27 years old / E cup) ♥Second time ♥Casual clo


Imai (27 years old / E cup) ♥Second time ♥Casual clo
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This work may be discontinued without prior notice due to the characteristics of the work. Thank you for your understanding in advance. m(__)m

Hello, everyone! This is Director Pippi!

It's been a few weeks since I requested Imai-san last time.
It's been a few weeks since I requested Ms. Imai last time, and I can't forget how she was moaning like a slut.

I had exchanged my LI◯N for a reservation, so I was trying to find out if I could order the back-up option.
To be honest, the response was not good at all. It can't be helped, right? That's the rule...

But I honestly feel that I can't give up.
There's no way things will go that well the second time, so I'm going to increase the number of times I visit and gradually get to know him.

I adjusted my work schedule and made an appointment with Imai-san in advance.
I thought that she would be salty anyway, but when I actually made the reservation, the feeling at the trade show was different from usual.

What? A flip-flop? But I didn't care about that and continued chatting with her in a casual manner so that we could get to know each other.
I was able to ask her about her private life, so I decided to try my best to get closer to her on the day of the interview.

I'd like to report on the second investigation of cool beauty E cup Imai-san! Let's start with her profile and check it out!

Name (Age): Imai (27 years old)
Cup: E cup
Previous job: Medical office
Available options: nipple licking, topless, breast rubbing, cosplay, remote control rotor

I entered a beautiful city hotel (high floor) and set up my formation. I called the store and waited for the cast member (Ms. Imai) to arrive.
It's been a few weeks since I've been here, so I'm a little nervous as I open the door. "I thought to myself, "White, short cut, big tits... I knew it was the best combination.

While I took a shower and cleaned myself up, Ms. Imai was preparing towels and lotion for me on the bed.
After showering, I wiped myself off and laid down on the bed and let's get started!

I won't talk much about what we played.
I won't tell you much about the play, but I can tell you that I went, and so did Ms. Imai!
I can tell you one thing: I went, and Ima-san went hard! The length of the video is over 38 minutes, including the extra footage.

If you take a look at the sample, you'll see that I shot a lot of extra video.
As you can see from the sample, we shot a lot of extra videos. We've gotten to know Ms. Imai very well, so we'll finally be able to visit her secret garden in the next film.
I can't stop myself from getting an erection just thinking about her shaking her hips while blaming her highly sensitive nipples...

I'll be sure to report back when I've done my research!

I wish you all the best in your sex life!

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In the event that unauthorized reproduction is discovered, a request for disclosure of information will be made and action will be taken in accordance with copyright law.
Please enjoy this film as a work of fiction and entertainment.
Please note that some parts of the video may have been modified. Please be forewarned.

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