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[Hotel Man] [Negotiation Molester] I'm sorry to keep you waiting


[Hotel Man] [Negotiation Molester] I'm sorry to keep you waiting
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Happy New Year and all the best for 2022!

This is the place to go for your first time out!
I've found a girl who's just like you!
This girl is as cute as a celebrity!

This was taken at the end of the year.

I asked her to come to the room I rented because the TV wiring was faulty again, but I wondered if she was cursed or something.

However, the person who came to see me was a beautiful woman, and she was a celebrity in terms of looks.
She smiled and treated me with kindness and hospitality, and I must have fallen in love with her...
I think she was about 20 years old.
Even though she was beautiful, she smiled all the time and was very friendly.

While I was dealing with her, she was struggling with the wiring cord.
As I was looking at her, I saw her pure white cleavage.
Mmmm...! You can see the very fine line.

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When I got behind her and looked up from below, I could see through her sexy black pantyhose to reveal a white thong!
And you can even see her face as she's hard at work! I'm not sure if the wiring was connected or not.

The wiring seems to be connected, so it looks like it's being operated by a remote control.
In that case, I couldn't stand to see her breasts... again!

How dare I try to negotiate with my mouth this time!
When I told him that my breasts were almost visible, he hid his breasts and looked very confused.
At first, he refused to accept my offer of money, but when I raised the price, he gradually opened up.

It was the end of the year and the beginning of the new year, so he wanted money, right?
The negotiation was accepted and I was at the door.

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After that, I got a pantyhose, touched her tits, popped her pussy, popped her ass, fingered her pussy, gave her a hand job, sucked her cock, inserted her in the back, and finished her in the normal position.
Again, I took the liberty of letting room service wipe up the sperm and dirty cock on the floor.

I wonder if she has a boyfriend... The sad expression on her face when she's being penetrated makes me swoon.

This story has nothing to do with the actual hotel or its employees. The text is fictional. It is not related to the real hotel or employees.

Video Specifications
18min 38sec / 3840×2160 / MP4

Some audio has been edited.
All models are over 18 years old.
The model has given her permission to appear in the video.
The video is based on the terms and conditions of this site.
The content of the video is fictional and does not contain any acts that violate any laws in Japan.
The content of the video is fictional and does not contain any violations of any laws in Japan. ・Transfer or resale to third parties is prohibited.

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