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Luna -latter part-


Luna -latter part-
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Luna-chan, the same av model who had the first urine drinking experience in the first part

This time, we will continue with the final heavy drinking scene.
Dirty urine left on my voco
Luna-chan's small mouth opened wide
Treat it like a urinal
I will urinate everything

This kid is so good
She says she doesn't have to drink
I will do my best to swallow it

This unfamiliar feeling is cute and excited again
Wow, I'm really peeing in the mouth of such a young lady
Best to say the least.

Pissing a lot and spilling from the mouth
The yellow urine collected in the bowl
After all, I had them all drink and I had teary eyes
I was able to take all the pictures I wanted
(At this point I already have a full erection)

I was asked to come with a promise to only drink urine
Excitement and erection do not fit
・ I want to see Luna-chan's nakedness!
・ I want to get inside Baruna-chan !!

So, let's negotiate H

Luna is serious, cute and obedient
She is neat and has a good personality and is a hard worker
Not only ...
Even more, yet
She was a very perverted girl!

I'm horny too ...
Negotiations are concluded smoothly after being told something like

Is it okay to insert Ji-Po into such an old man !?
That's why this is the beginning of the love love Gonzo scene.

When I hug him tightly from behind and caress him
Runa-chan unknowingly pulls her lips
No way, I'm asking for a kiss from Rina-chan!

After repeating a rich belochu
Rubbing the tip of the chin while rubbing the breasts
Not just pee
Embrace each other while giving the uncle's spit

And finally I took off my pants
When you play with a small pink chestnut
A cute voice leaks like "An"
Do up as it is
A close-up shot of Ji-Po entering here!

Apparently it's the first time that an old man's cheek has entered
I'm glad I have a precious moment at hand
(Exit while editing!)

Licking Chapa Chapa and her nipples
A fierce hug and a piston with each other!
Push the old man all the way to her back
With an unbearable amount of semen
Dirty Luna's face seriously white
Today's shooting is over!

This is also for everyone
It is a work that I would like you to enjoy again and again by combining the front and back!
Please take a look!

1920 x 1080 mp4 about 7.5Mbps

Recording time 26 minutes 26 seconds

* We have confirmed that the model is over 18 years old.
* We comply with the law and regulations, and publish and sell with consent.
* Unauthorized reproduction of images, videos, etc. is prohibited.

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