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Inside the mouth/nostril/nose hole/nose hair/ear hole/pubic hair


Inside the mouth/nostril/nose hole/nose hair/ear hole/pubic hair
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Here comes the super-geeky video.

This time, I used a small camera to observe various parts of a woman.
This small camera also comes with a light, so it can take pictures even in dark places.
I would like to see the secret places that women usually cannot see.

A model in a school swimsuit costume.
First, the mouth.
I feel like a dentist.
Teeth are lined up like this.

Next, I put a small camera into the nostrils.
The inside of a woman's nostrils was illuminated by the light of the small camera.
There is a great density of nose hairs.

Next, the ear canals.
It is a very complicated structure.

I inserted a small camera into the chest area.
This is how a woman's skin is contained in a school swimsuit.

I also observed the part between the legs.
I could see a little pubic hair.

Finally, I finished by looking at her toes.

The video is composed of two angles of the camera at the beginning, and the two angles combined with the small camera image at the end.

There is no sound.
The face is hidden by a mask and sunglasses because I am an amateur.
The focus is fixed, so the image may be blurred.

Playback time: approx. 10 min. 54 sec.
Original frame: 1920 x 1080
Original size: approx. 1.04 GB
Format: MP4 format
Sound: None

If you like, please send us your impressions, requests, and fantasy ideas in the comments.
We would like to use them as a reference for future shootings.

The introduction and other information is fictitious for your enjoyment.
We will not be able to accept any returns or complaints due to the personal nature of the filming.
Noise may be present during the filming and editing process.
All characters are over 18 years old and have been filmed with permission.
No content that violates the Terms of Use or the laws of Japan is included.
Reproduction, resale, reproduction, transfer, secondary use, or publication of any kind is prohibited.

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