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japanses femdom lad03


japanses femdom lad03
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Samples are posted on the blog and Twitter.

It is M man training by a cute duo of idol style
As soon as it starts
From one word, "What can I do? Then I want to go to the bathroom"
Suddenly it becomes a human toilet.
You can see the high potential as an S woman.
Of course, the amount spilled on the floor will be treated mercilessly.

Food crush with sweets on the floor
Hydration spit, holy water
Electric massage compared to licking legs

Both of them seem to be on good terms, but
M man is disciplined with a whip on a thorough machine.

Feed holy water rice while making it into a human ashtray
All M guys are very excited about the words "normally unpleasant"

Holy water while feeding sperm rice is an enviable word!

Lots of content this time as well
Have a maniac fetish play!


* Please note that there are some problems with the video and audio.
Also, sound deviation may occur depending on the playback environment.
・ The performers of this work are 18 years old or older whose age has been confirmed.・ This work complies with the laws of Japan and does not contain any illegal content.・ Secondary use such as reprinting and resale is strictly prohibited.

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