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[Ultra High Quality Full HD Video] Cosplay Special Performance 2


[Ultra High Quality Full HD Video] Cosplay Special Performance 2
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[Ultra High Quality Full HD Video] Cosplay Special Performance 2015 in Makuhari NO-2 Sena Kashiwazaki

twitter is on fire
This is the rumored problem scene
Regulations on cosplay events have become stricter in this matter.
Please take a look at this opportunity

Cosplay special once every 5 years
Just a feast
Many exposed layers from all over the country participated

Shameless layer that suddenly appeared
Turtles who are sick
Outlaw gathering

I was allowed to shoot firmly in the front row

Bare ass
Skirt too short
Anyway, it ’s a great image.

Video format MP4
Recording minutes 18 minutes 4 seconds
Frame width 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
Bit rate 11184kbps
File size 1.41GB

* This work is based on the terms of use and does not violate it.
* Events that are allowed to be shot are shot in the usual way, not a hidden work.
* The subject that appears is a collaborator
* All models are over 18 years old and their ages have been confirmed.
* It is not illegal data.
* The pants worn by the subject in this product are swimwear or shorts, not underwear.
* Reproduction, resale, publication, etc. of videos and images of the author's work are strictly prohibited.

■ Notes on products
● You can view the video file with the video playback software. You can play your smartphone, but please do so at your own risk.
● Please enjoy the video individually. Reprinting and secondary use are prohibited.
Regardless of whether it is paid or free of charge, it is prohibited to use the purchased photo images / videos beyond the scope of private use under the Copyright Law, such as sending, selling, distributing, or lending to a third party.

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