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uniform pleats No3-1


This work is a panchira mania work recorded only for female K students in uniforms.
If the enthusiast who took the picture finds the prey in uniform, he keeps aiming at everything, and the female K student who aimed is completely taken the hidden image in the skirt.
Can you shoot so close? Isn't it suspicious to keep chasing female K students so much? I will be thrilled.
The vivid panty images of the female K students who can be seen and hidden from the short uniform skirt are irresistible just by looking at them! The dark blue pleated skirt and the checkered pleated skirt flutter at the timing of walking, and the contents look flickering according to it, which invites irresistible excitement. In the video of the inside of the skirt taken from diagonally below on the escalator or stairs, you will also see it with a feeling of crouching through the screen, and you will be drawn into the world of enthusiasts who unconsciously shot it.
Personally, the skirt that was fanned by the gust of wind soared in a big circle and captured the panties, the steps, and the panchira that I caught beautifully from the skirt of a female K student who walks while pushing the skirt with her hand when going up and down the stairs. I was thrilled with the video.
Is the shooting location in Shibuya, Tokyo after school? I think it's in the vicinity, but when I find a female K student in uniform, she starts to follow her from behind like a stalker, and I will never let go of the target until I catch the contents of the skirt. I think this obsession is also wonderful.
Personally, the image of the female K student's skirt that was fanned by the gust of wind rolled up in a big circle and captured the panties, the step, the defense of the female K student walking while pushing the skirt with his hand when going up and down the stairs I was thrilled to see the panties from the skirt.
If you are a maniac such as female K student panchira, I definitely recommend it, so please have a look.
In this era, continuing to aim for female K students so far is the biggest risk, let's avoid the risk and heal with the images taken by each other! Please enjoy it carefully.

This work is a series work of each series to .
In DL, we edited each series into subdivided videos of about 10 to 12 minutes as shown below, so please take a look at one work first, and if it suits your glasses, please do all the works.

Work No.10442
Work No3-1, 12:06 minutes / 1.31GM
Work No3-2, 11:59 minutes / 1.29GM
Work No3-3, 11:37 minutes / 1.26GM
Work No3-4, 12:40 minutes / 1.37GM

【Tags】 School girls K school girl panchira video upside down shooting panties in the skirt
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uniform pleats No3-4
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