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[Mouth/Lips/Tongue/Spit Fetish] Mature Woman! Ice cream peropelo


[Mouth/Lips/Tongue/Spit Fetish] Mature Woman! Ice cream peropelo
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Hot summer, we're here to answer your request to see a woman peroping ice cream!

This time, we asked a mature lady who came to the studio on another business to do "ice cream peropero".
Since she is an amateur, the video is only from the mouth down.
The way she licks is very erotic.
The movement of the tongue is unusual.
It is a licking method that stirs up various imaginations.
The clothes were wide open in the front, so I could see her breasts.
Finally, I could see a little of her panties through her stockings.

After that, I took this video at another time.
This time, there is a higher degree of breast flirtation.
I think it became a coveted item for maniacs.

*No faces are shown because of the amateur models.

Play time: approx. 8 min. 49 sec.
Original frame: 1920 x 1080
Original size: approx. 198MB
Format: MP4 format
Sound: Yes

If you like, please send us your impressions, requests, and fantasy ideas in the comments.
I would like to use them as a reference for future shootings.

The introduction and other information is fictitious for your enjoyment.
We will not be able to accept any returns or complaints due to the personal nature of the filming.
Noise may be present during the filming and editing process.
All characters are over 18 years old and have been filmed with permission.
No content that violates the Terms of Use or the laws of Japan is included.
Reproduction, resale, reproduction, transfer, secondary use, or publication of any kind is prohibited.

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