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Is Hinata's Armpit Tolerant? armpit close-up sniff licking tickl


Is Hinata's Armpit Tolerant? armpit close-up sniff licking tickl
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Is Hinata's Armpit Tolerant? armpit close-up sniff licking tickling

Hinata-chan, a bright chubby college girl
I sniffed and licked my armpit and tickled it.

It's the armpits that I usually shave every day.
However, it seems that 20 hours have passed since the last shave on this day.
Can you see armpit hair? I expected
I didn't show my face. take a good look
enough to find.

There was a lot of armpit odor. Furthermore, just by bringing your face closer
Because it makes me sweat more and more
I was able to fully enjoy the smell of the armpit.
Of course, even when I licked it, I was able to enjoy the rich salty taste of sweat.
However, it seems that tickling resistance is quite high,
I didn't feel the tickling response so much
I also licked the nipple and attacked the armpit at the same time.
"Nipples are quite sensitive and weak", so
It seemed that the comfort felt with the nipple was superior to the armpit t*****.

I want to enjoy the smell and taste of endlessly fragrant armpit sweat, tickling & nipple t*****,
Recommended only for those who have such an armpit fetish and smell fetish.


A sample video is here.
*Sample videos are for the entire work.
Please note.

●We have confirmed that the characters appearing in this work are over the age of 18.
●The person appearing in this work is a model, and we are shooting with your consent.
●Secondary use, resale, reprinting, etc. are strictly prohibited.

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