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Female students who don't know anything at obstetrics and gyneco


Female students who don't know anything at obstetrics and gyneco
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When girls feel something is wrong with their bodies, they go to the obstetrics and gynecology department for advice. However, he is an unscrupulous doctor who uses his credibility as a doctor to brazenly perform obscene acts on female students. The girls are placed on the examination table, and in the name of medical treatment, their legs are spread open, their underwear is taken off, and their pussies and anuses are fully exposed, and the doctor performs various treatments on them.
An unscrupulous doctor becomes horny when he sees a fair-skinned, slender, pretty female student in a uniform, and plots to satisfy his own sexual desires under the guise of treating her. She says, ``Then flip it up.'' I make her raise her uniform under the guise of an examination. The man, who is still not satisfied, slides her bra and exposes her breasts, and starts massaging her. Pretending to examine his lower body, I lifted up his skirt and stimulated his pussy through the panties. ``If you don't check inside, take off your underwear and get on the examination table.'' The girl was made to wear no panties and her legs were spread apart on the delivery table. The female student was enforced to use a partition so that she could not see what was being done to her lower body, but even though she was embarrassed, she could not resist the doctor's advice and did whatever she wanted with her pussy and anus completely exposed. Her clitoris is stimulated and her finger is inserted into her pussy and stirred. When a man wants to satisfy his sexual desire, he pretends to use medical equipment to examine it in detail, screws his thick dick into her pussy, and thrusts it deep into the female student's womb.

Duration: 22 minutes 56 seconds/mp4 with audio

・This work does not contain any illegal content.
・We have confirmed that the models appearing in this work are over the age of 18 and have given their consent before being photographed.
・The characters, organizations, stories, etc. that appear in this work are all fiction and do not contain any acts that violate the law.

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