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A 20-year-old vocational school student with little experience a


A 20-year-old vocational school student with little experience a
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A 20-year-old vocational school student takes on the challenge of having sex for the first time.
It's his first time filming, so he seems very nervous.

He loves classic cars and is currently attending a vocational school for car maintenance.
There are a lot of boys at school, so I thought she'd be popular because she's cute, but she's not very good at interacting with boys, so it doesn't seem like things will develop into a relationship.

My first experience was when I was 17, with my boyfriend at the time.
Only two people have had sex with me, both of them are boyfriends, and I've only had sex with people I've dated so far.

With my second boyfriend, we had sex 2 to 4 times a week, and it seemed like we had sex every time we met.
It's been about two years since I broke up with that boyfriend, and it's been a while since then.
However, since I sometimes get horny, I use my right hand to relieve my sexual desire while watching naughty videos on my phone.

The reason I applied this time was because I wanted to be able to do naughty things and have money to play with.

When you lick her ears and neck, her expression suddenly changes and it's as if a sex switch has been turned on.
When she takes off her bra, she has beautiful C-cup breasts.
When you touch my nipples with your fingers, I feel it and my voice leaks out, making my body twitch.

When I put my hand inside her pants, her pussy was already wet and I could hear an obscene sound.
When a finger is inserted into her vagina and she is fingered, she lets out a suppressed gasp and even more pussy juice comes out.

When it is penetrated from standing position, she moans and feels every time it is penetrated.

After that, she is fucked in the doggy style and cowgirl position, and does yoga to satisfy 2 years worth of sexual desire.
In the cowgirl position, her shaved pussy makes the inserted part fully visible, and she gets very excited.
Furthermore, when he thrusts hard from beneath her, she smiles shyly as she climaxes.

At the end, he thrust hard in the missionary position and ejaculated a large amount onto her stomach, and it felt so good that she became exhausted.
Although she doesn't have a lot of experience, it's a must-see to see her sensitive young body moaning and moaning as she feels good about the cock she hasn't seen in a long time.

Position: Standing back → Back → Cowgirl → Missionary position (belly cumshot)

Time: 56 minutes mp4

*Performers are over 18 years old and have given consent to be photographed.

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