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Part 1] A must-see for those who have a gap between the two! The


Part 1] A must-see for those who have a gap between the two! The
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Movie Contents
Walking in front
Pedestrian bridge P
Low angle P (walking)
Panty-la (close-up close-up)

We are exploring the secret of the inside of the skirt of the healing lady.

The gap between her healing face and her plump and voluptuous lower half of her body is what catches the eye first. This gap between her face and her bottom definitely makes us want to moe her.

Her particularly voluptuous buttocks have enough volume to make the skirt hem hop whenever she walks. And hidden within it is a thick, voluptuous butt that is sure to make you moe, and the raw ass with the thong digging in is definitely worth a look.

Inside the skirt while walking, a clash of buttocks is secretly taking place. Especially when observed from a low angle, the viewer can feel the power of the voluptuous buttocks coming at them.

We also took the time to explore the moment when the buttocks, which had been moving around, come to a standstill. The area of fullness from the buttocks to the hamstrings of the thighs leaks a sense of erotic plumpness.

The sound of comfortable pumps and the plump lower body are being explored from a low angle. Please enjoy the hidden charm of the voluptuous lower half of this healing mini-skirted lady who is sure to make you moe the gap.

The second part of the video focuses on the daring behavior of the healing sister. Please look forward to it. You can see a sample of the second part video at the end of the first part video.

Video duration: 09 min. 24 sec.
Facial Appearance:Yes
Video format:MP4/H264
■File size:1.27GB
Image quality:1920x1080[FHD

The models in this work are over 18 years old and their ages have been confirmed.
The characters in this work are models and have been filmed with their consent.
Reproduction, resale, and secondary use are strictly prohibited.
Please note that sales may end early due to circumstances.

**Sales may be terminated early due to circumstances.

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