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Slender 20-year-old dental assistant squirts and gets wet in her


Slender 20-year-old dental assistant squirts and gets wet in her
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A 20-year-old dental assistant takes on her first POV shoot.

She looks nervous as it's her first shoot.

She wants to become a famous AV actress, so she searched for and applied for this job herself.

She has a favorite AV actress, and seems to watch AV regularly.

Her first sexual experience was when she was 17, when she was drinking and was picked up by a guy who became her boyfriend.

She has had sex with five people, four of whom were dating.

The last one was something she ended up having sex with.

She even had sex in a strange place, at a grave.

She held on to the fence surrounding the grave and inserted it from behind.

Her favorite position is missionary, and she doesn't seem to like cowgirl because she's not sure if she can move properly.

In her underwear, she has a slender, model-like figure.

Her breasts seem to be her erogenous zone, and she seems to feel good just by having them rubbed over her bra.

When her nipples are licked, she feels good and lets out a moan.

When I put my hand inside her panties, her pussy is already so wet that I can hear the lewd squelching sound.
When she is licked, she feels embarrassed but gets excited, and her body twitches as she moans.
When she is fingered, she squirts, making the sound of her pussy juice overflowing.

When she is penetrated while sitting on a chair, she moans cutely every time she is penetrated.
When she is penetrated from behind in doggy style and lying down doggy style, she distorts her face and moans as her pussy juice overflows.
When she straddles him in the cowgirl position, which she is not good at, she swings her hips hard and pushes his penis in and out, making her pussy juice overflow.

At the end, she is fucked in the missionary position again and a large amount is ejaculated on her thighs.
Her slender and beautiful body is excited by the sight of her distorting her face and moaning while nervous.

Positions: Missionary position → Doggy style → Lying down doggy style → Cowgirl position → Missionary position

Time: 51 minutes mp4

*The performers are over 18 years old and have given their consent to be filmed.

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