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A slender and beautiful 22-year-old beauty consultant climaxes r NEW


A slender and beautiful 22-year-old beauty consultant climaxes r
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A 22-year-old beauty consultant attempts her first POV shoot.
She seems nervous as it is her first shoot, and has an anxious expression.

She has been dating her boyfriend for a year, but she doesn't have sex very often, and seems to forget the last time she did it.
She applied this time because she was interested in AV and because she hasn't had sex with her boyfriend.

When she gets horny, she masturbates, and does it about twice a week.
She sometimes uses a vibrator, but basically she touches her clitoris with her fingers.

She had her first sexual experience at 13, and has only had five sexual partners.
Her private sex has always been normal, and she has never had any unusual experiences.

When her breasts are touched through her clothes, she is embarrassed and smiles, but she also has a slightly aroused look on her face.
When she takes off her clothes and is left in just her bra, she has a beautiful body with white, smooth skin.

She says she is embarrassed, but when I put my hand inside her bra, her nipples are already erect.
When her nipples are licked, she gets aroused and lets out a moan.

She takes off her skirt and is left in just her panties. She sits on the sofa with her legs spread wide, and when her vagina is touched over her panties, she reacts sensitively.
When her panties are pushed aside to reveal her vagina, it is overflowing with her juices and dripping with juices.
When her vagina is touched with fingers, an obscene squelching sound can be heard.

When her erect clit is licked, she moans, "Ahh," and is feeling the pleasure more than the embarrassment.
When her insides are stimulated with fingering, her vaginal juices overflow even more, and she becomes so wet that the finger inside becomes sticky.

She is given a vibrator that she is using for the first time, and when she touches her clit herself, she comes, saying, "Ah, I'm coming."
When the vibrator is applied to her from behind, she says, "No, I'm coming," and "Ah," and reaches another climax.
When two fingers are inserted and she is fingered, her vagina becomes soaking wet that she moans.

When he penetrates her in the missionary position, she moans and says "it's big" to the big cock that is different from her boyfriend's, and her pussy juice overflows.
When he hits her in a good spot, she easily has an internal orgasm.

The sensitivity of her clit was good, but it seems that the sensitivity inside her pussy is also good.
When he holds her arms and hits her deep inside, she comes again.

When she gets on top in the cowgirl position, she shakes her hips up and down and moans, "It's crazy" and "It feels good".
When he hits her from below, she says "Ah, no, I'm going to come" and reaches her climax.

When he hits her hard from behind and standing doggy style, she moans as if she has completely forgotten about her embarrassment and her boyfriend.

At the end, he hits her hard in the missionary position, shoots a lot of cum on her face, and gives her a clean-up blowjob.
It's exciting to see her climax and moan as her sensitive slender body is hit by a big cock.

Duration: 61 minutes mp4

*The performers are over 18 years old and have given their consent to be filmed.

【Tags】 Amateur Slender NTR Cuckold Cheating Beauty Salon Staff Gonzo
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