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An insurance saleswoman has no choice but to provide physical se


An insurance saleswoman has no choice but to provide physical se
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For salespeople, the most important thing is the number of contracts. Especially for life insurance ladies who sell life insurance, it is a matter of life and death. In some cases, a woman may have to offer her body.

A young and cute insurance saleswoman with a clean and neat appearance smiles as she explains the product. "What should I do?" The man seems to be listening to the explanation, but he is only interested in the life insurance lady's body. However, the sales lady, who sometimes needs physical entertainment to get numbers, knows about such erotic thoughts. "If you sign a contract, I'll give you a special service, which I like too." She grabs the man's ulterior motives and doesn't let go. "I'll sign a contract, and I'll also add this special clause, and I'll introduce you to my colleagues at work!" The man signs a contract as she is told, and little by little she starts to do erotic things. She looks at and touches her bra and panties. And finally, the life insurance lady takes off her underwear and shows him her breasts and shaved pussy. She gives him the best handjob and blowjob service in 69, making his dick throbbing. When the cock is ready, she accepts the raw insertion with a completely visible shaved pussy and gets a large amount of creampie, and gets a large contract.

Time: 26 minutes 15 seconds / mp4 with sound

- This work does not contain any illegal content.
- We have confirmed that the models appearing in this work are over 18 years old, and filming was done with their consent.
- All people, organizations, stories, etc. appearing in this work are fictional and do not contain any illegal acts.

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An insurance saleswoman has no choice but to provide physical se
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