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An insurance saleswoman has no choice but to provide physical se


An insurance saleswoman has no choice but to provide physical se
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For salespeople, the number of contracts is the most important thing. Especially for insurance ladies who sell life insurance, it is a matter of life and death. In some cases, a woman may have to offer her body. The insurance lady, with neat black hair and a cute formal suit, carefully explains the product. "Your explanation is easy to understand, so I think I'll sign the contract. The quota is going to be difficult, isn't it?" The man is only interested in doing erotic things with the girl, not the insurance product. "I think I'll add this special clause, so I want to do something a little naughty." He takes advantage of the sales results and leads the girl into a situation where it is difficult to refuse. She reluctantly agrees, saying it's only for a little, but this is the man's trick. "I'll just take a quick look." He unbuttons her blouse and lifts up her skirt to reveal her panties and erotic bra, which are tightly fitting in contrast to her neat and tidy appearance. The man intends to do erotic things until the end, so there is no way he will be satisfied with this. "I have a lot of friends and colleagues, so I'll just touch you a little." The saleswoman, unable to refuse when faced with the numbers, lets her breasts get rubbed and her pussy stimulated. The man, unable to resist, requests a handjob and blowjob service, saying, "I'll even add a savings plan." As the number of contracts increases, the elegant insurance saleswoman changes completely, stroking and sucking the man's dick with her superb erotic techniques, making it hard. "Would you like a 10-year contract?" In exchange for making a big sales pitch to the man, she wraps his dick in a raw insertion and receives a large amount of sperm in a creampie.

Time: 23 minutes 22 seconds / mp4 with audio

- This work does not contain any illegal content.
- It has been confirmed that the models appearing in this work are over 18 years old, and the filming was done with their consent.
- All people, organizations, stories, etc. appearing in this work are fictional and do not contain any illegal acts.

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