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 SELF-INTRODUCTION 主にモーターショーイベントを中心に撮影しています。

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 Auto Salon 2020 [Part 1]  Auto Salon 2020 [Part 1] スノウパンサー  400YEN   314 
 ※Note※ This product is "Auto Salon 2020 [Part 1]" out of "Auto Salon 2020 [Part 1]" and "Auto Salon 2020 [Part 2]". Ple… 
 Auto Salon 2020 [Part 2]  Auto Salon 2020 [Part 2] スノウパンサー  400YEN   326 
 ※Note※ This product is "Auto Salon 2020 [Part 2]" out of "Auto Salon 2020 [Part 1]" and "Auto Salon 2020 [Part 2]". Ple… 
 Summer Coast 2018  Summer Coast 2018 スノウパンサー  500YEN   343 
 I went to a car event held in a place full of nature. The highlight of this time is Car Wash. A companion in a swimsuit… 
 Tokyo Auto Salon 2019 (TAS 2019) part 1  Tokyo Auto Salon 2019 (T… スノウパンサー  500YEN   537 
 I have been to the famous motor show event every year. Cars and beauty companions exhibited at each booth. Pole dance i… 
 Go-go dance shoot  Go-go dance shoot スノウパンサー  400YEN   313 
 Dance stage at a car event. Only a few H dancers were filmed. Fixed angle → Parts up shot → Bonus video (except for dan… 
 Nagoya Auto Festival 2018 part 1  Nagoya Auto Festival 201… スノウパンサー  500YEN   370 
 Regulations are becoming strict in Tokyo's car events. However, the region still has a cool costumed costumes gal. Plea… 
 Tokyo Auto Salon 2019(TAS2019)part 2  Tokyo Auto Salon 2019(TA… スノウパンサー  500YEN   284 
 It is a sequel to that car event. This is a booth that was garbled by the viewers. A push is a sister with a red bodyco… 
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