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[Naughty] My First Footjob (POV) Video
[Naughty] My First Footjob (POV) Video

[Naughty] High School Sister JOI Video
[Naughty] High School Sister JOI Video

[Naughty] Shrine Maiden JOI Video
[Naughty] Shrine Maiden JOI Video

[Naughty] Yae Miko JOI Video
[Naughty] Yae Miko JOI Video

Nahida's Feet Video
Nahida's Feet Video

 SELF-INTRODUCTION snowysoftfeetのゆいです!20歳大学生です〜


    NAME   CONSIGNOR   PRICE   Page View    
 Gym Uniform Findom Video  Gym Uniform Findom Video snowysoftfeet  850YEN   96 
 Duration: 01:59 I insult you while wearing a gym uniform. 
 Gym Uniform Feet Care Video  Gym Uniform Feet Care Vi… snowysoftfeet  1,700YEN   61 
 Duration: 05:42 My photographer cleans my feet and applies lotion to my soles. 
 2023-02 Set "Megumin" VIP Face Reveal Set  2023-02 Set "Megumin" VI… snowysoftfeet  4,200YEN   48 
 14 face reveal foot fetish photos 
 [Naughty] Colleague at Work JOI Video  [Naughty] Colleague at W… snowysoftfeet  3,200YEN   192 
 Duration: 7:37 I roleplayed again this time! I'm your colleague, and I catch you looking at my feet. As a punishment, I… 
 2023-03 Set "Gym"  2023-03 Set "Gym" snowysoftfeet  3,000YEN   113 
 40 foot fetish photos 
 Succubus The Pose Video  Succubus The Pose Video snowysoftfeet  450YEN   92 
 Duration: 1:33 Yui becomes a succubus and shows you "The Pose". 
 POV Feet Exercise Video  POV Feet Exercise Video snowysoftfeet  1,400YEN   75 
 Duration: 4:47 A POV angle of me exercising before sleep. 
 2023-06 Set "Gym 2" VIP Face Reveal Set  2023-06 Set "Gym 2" VIP… snowysoftfeet  3,300YEN   73 
 11 face reveal foot fetish photos 
 Ink Footprint 1 Video  Ink Footprint 1 Video snowysoftfeet  1,300YEN   64 
 Duration: 2:59 Part 1 is preparation, and making my feet dirty with ink! 
 [Naughty] Student Punish Video  [Naughty] Student Punish… snowysoftfeet  2,200YEN   250 
 Duration: 5:53 You spread a rumor about a student, so a female student ties you up and teases you with her feet 
 Baby Oil On Feet Video  Baby Oil On Feet Video snowysoftfeet  1,500YEN   46 
 Duration: 5:09 Me getting my feet rubbed in baby oil by my photographer. There is also a little bit of tickling, my voi… 
 Daily Feet Care Video  Daily Feet Care Video snowysoftfeet  2,000YEN   42 
 Duration: 7:09 Showing my feet and rubbing lotion on them to heal. 
 2023-03 Set "Gym" VIP Face Reveal Set  2023-03 Set "Gym" VIP Fa… snowysoftfeet  2,400YEN   28 
 8 face reveal foot fetish photos 
 [Naughty] Cat JOI Video  [Naughty] Cat JOI Video snowysoftfeet  8,250YEN   18 
 Duration: 11:29 
 [Naughty] Pajamas Footjob Video  [Naughty] Pajamas Footjo… snowysoftfeet  9,750YEN   393 
 Duration: 13:34 
 [Naughty] Elf Footjob Video  [Naughty] Elf Footjob Vi… snowysoftfeet  6,100YEN   349 
 Duration: 17:36 The second footjob video! I denied his cumshot too many times that he didn't cum a lot in the end... Th… 
 [Naughty] My First Footjob (Third Person) Video  [Naughty] My First Footj… snowysoftfeet  7,500YEN   350 
 Duration: 13:14 Finally, my first footjob... It's more difficult than I thought (haha)! My feet get tired very fast...… 
 [Naughty] Yae Miko JOI Video  [Naughty] Yae Miko JOI V… snowysoftfeet  4,300YEN   247 
 Duration: 09:56 Traveller, become my minion, and enjoy the rewards for your first job. 
 Stockings and Heels Video  Stockings and Heels Video snowysoftfeet  1,500YEN   83 
 Duration: 9:49 
 2023-07 Set "Bikini" VIP Face Reveal R16 Set  2023-07 Set "Bikini" VIP… snowysoftfeet  3,150YEN   82 
 7 face reveal foot fetish photos 
 2022-05 Set "Sayu Ogiwara" VIP Face Reveal Set  2022-05 Set "Sayu Ogiwar… snowysoftfeet  5,700YEN   76 
 19 face reveal foot fetish photos 
 Cute Fruit Socks Video  Cute Fruit Socks Video snowysoftfeet  2,600YEN   71 
 Duration: 9:04 I wear and take of my cute fruit socks. 
 2024-01 Set "Dancer"  2024-01 Set "Dancer" snowysoftfeet  3,000YEN   47 
 49 foot fetish photos 
 [Naughty] Footjob Practice Video  [Naughty] Footjob Practi… snowysoftfeet  1,100YEN   217 
 Duration: 2:27 Rubbing cock above underwear 
 Megumin Foot Tickling Video  Megumin Foot Tickling Vi… snowysoftfeet  450YEN   209 
 Duration: 1:32 Tickling Megumin's feet with a feather. 
 Cute Lolita Giantess Video  Cute Lolita Giantess Vid… snowysoftfeet  4,300YEN   131 
 Duration: 12:42 Yui becomes a giantess and teases you for your foot fetish. My feet was injured and in its recovered pe… 
 Donut Food Crush 3 Video  Donut Food Crush 3 Video snowysoftfeet  1,200YEN   180 
 Duration: 3:39 Stepping on a ball shaped donut. 
 2023-10 Set "Jirai Girl on the Sofa"  2023-10 Set "Jirai Girl… snowysoftfeet  3,000YEN   91 
 41 foot fetish photos 
 2021-09 Set "Long Dress & White Thigh Highs"  2021-09 Set "Long Dress… snowysoftfeet  3,000YEN   33 
 34 foot fetish photos 
 2023-12 Set "Casual Dress Outdoors"  2023-12 Set "Casual Dres… snowysoftfeet  3,000YEN   400 
 38 foot fetish photos 
 Megumin Taking Off Socks Video  Megumin Taking Off Socks… snowysoftfeet  850YEN   161 
 Duration: 3:16 Megumin takes off her socks and rubs lotion on her feet. 
 [Naughty] Feet Pussy Video (First Person)  [Naughty] Feet Pussy Vid… snowysoftfeet  4,000YEN   435 
 Duration: 10:58 Finally! Although a footjob is too difficult for me right now, I can offer my feet as a pussy...! 
 Donut Food Crush 1 Video  Donut Food Crush 1 Video snowysoftfeet  300YEN   179 
 Duration: 0:46 Stepping on a ring, bead shaped donut. 
 [Naughty] Sexy Maid JOI Video  [Naughty] Sexy Maid JOI… snowysoftfeet  5,400YEN   168 
 Duration: 12:22 Master... today, I don't have to clean or cook... but I have to do sexual services...? Yui will do her… 
 Changing into Nahida Costume Video  Changing into Nahida Cos… snowysoftfeet  450YEN   100 
 Duration: 1:16 
 Getting out of Shower Video  Getting out of Shower Vi… snowysoftfeet  200YEN   69 
 Duration: 0:46 Me drying me feet with a bath mat! 
 2023-08 Set "Sukumizu"  2023-08 Set "Sukumizu" snowysoftfeet  3,000YEN   86 
 59 foot fetish photos 
 Atago Taking off Stockings Video  Atago Taking off Stockin… snowysoftfeet  200YEN   104 
 Duration: 0:33 Atago takes off her black thigh highs 
 Student Giantess Video  Student Giantess Video snowysoftfeet  3,600YEN   93 
 Duration: 12:38 A student giantess video. 
 2023-08 Set "Sukumizu" VIP Face Reveal Set  2023-08 Set "Sukumizu" V… snowysoftfeet  4,500YEN   59 
 10 face reveal foot fetish photos 
 [Naughty] English Pajamas JOI Video  [Naughty] English Pajama… snowysoftfeet  2,400YEN   165 
 Duration: 5:25 My first JOI...! Requested by a English speaking fan, I made it because it seemed fun. I'm not confident… 
 Transparent High Heels Video  Transparent High Heels V… snowysoftfeet  1,300YEN   80 
 Duration: 4:25 I wear transparent high heels and show off my feet and legs. Then, I take them on and off and play with… 
 China Dress Giantess Tease Video  China Dress Giantess Tea… snowysoftfeet  2,900YEN   73 
 Duration: 09:46 I am a giantess wearing a china dress and tease you for having a foot fetish. My toe is a little bit in… 
 2022-06 Set "Black Thigh Highs and Gym Uniform"  2022-06 Set "Black Thigh… snowysoftfeet  3,000YEN   49 
 37 foot fetish photos 
 2023-05 Set "Nurse" VIP Face Reveal Set  2023-05 Set "Nurse" VIP… snowysoftfeet  3,900YEN   49 
 13 face reveal foot fetish photos 
 POV Feet Exercise 3 Video  POV Feet Exercise 3 Video snowysoftfeet  2,000YEN   145 
 Duration: 6:47 A POV angle of me exercising my feet. 
 Changing Stockings and Skirt Video  Changing Stockings and S… snowysoftfeet  900YEN   107 
 Duration: 1:40 
 Office Lady Feet Stretch Video  Office Lady Feet Stretch… snowysoftfeet  450YEN   91 
 Duration: 3:05 I hurt my feet during a hike...! I wear an office lady uniform and show my feet in all kinds of angles 
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