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~ Not to, it's time - Practical of health and physical education


~ Not to, it's time - Practical of health and physical education
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" Oh , I hate ... useless ..."

" Oh, there is no good ..."

" All right , all right . "

In fact, it is had with worrying endlessly If you are worried about a long time ago .

Keiko teacher tutor who will come every week .

Mother , but I 'd like to go to college to me ,

I 'm such a good thing , even if for me honest .

There 's no to feel like studying .

But , but I was was it that looking forward to meet teacher because he is beautiful .

Although I had studied only when the teacher comes reluctantly ,

Study Nantes I 'm not able to do the chest legs and teacher in the mood anyway .

I would like to talk also study such as that of non-

To stay at home mother when Keiko teacher will come often ,

Because I used to come into the room, wearing a reason to go such as tea

I 'm did not go quite so well .

Still my son a thing honest ,

And I was larger under the desk and imagine that you do not go ... .

Do not do such a thing , do not think ... .

The more I think if you think so , delusion is gone getting bigger and bigger ... .

Then one day ,

And I was supposed to be the mother go to work on the day that Keiko teacher comes by chance .

" Your chance ! "

May not be only chance today .

But , but ... .

Thing negative is trotting head ... .

Is not it likely to be so by all means .

With any first story , how do Shiteyaro .

Frustrating feeling has come out .

Do not do not do something before anyhow mother comes back .

And , I bumped it was like to be teacher lessons decisively .

And , the result is ... .

I enjoy many things .

Please do enjoy this story .

And video is WMV format .
- Girl who appears in this work , we have call on .
- Girl who appears in this work has confirmed they are 18 years of age or older .

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