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A realathlete-swimming instructor Saeki Aya VS adult toy


A realathlete-swimming instructor Saeki Aya VS adult toy
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This is the perfect amateur movie!!!

She suddenly E-mailed us.

She has not been starring in any movies before, and she is an perfectly amateur.

Adult toy VS real someone's job serious Vol2.

The E-mail is written like below

-I am bad at communicating withe other people since I was born-

-Everyone says I am strange person-

-I love masturbating every day-

-I have been thinking about erotic things every day-

She has just come from country side, and became a swimming instructor such as an athlete.

She is an unpolished girl yet. That's just we wanted!!

We met her, and we felt she was mysterious, but....

She kept answering to our interview, and suddenly changed her attitude!!

What's?! What is that?!

How erotic she was!?

There was nothing we could do, because she was erotic too much...

We might have pushed her switch of something!!

We asked her some questions

-Do you like your job?-

She -Oh I love it, ahaaaaaaa mhunnnnnn,, oh ya....-

We thought what she liked!?

-oh amazing!! Oh my buda!!!-

She moved her waist by herself naturally.

And she looked like addicted to having a sex, and open her eyes like.....

She was frustrated of sexual attention, and shows us a erotic show as a amateur person...

What do you think about Japanese amateur girl!?

↓↓↓summary ↓↓↓

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- About the model of this work, I am carrying out the age check aged 18 and over in the warrant card.
- The person who appears in this work is a model, and is taking a photograph on consent.
- This work is not a work applicable to child pornography.
- They are the contents based on these site terms of service.
- For original goods, - returned goods and the claim which forbid entirely secondary use, such as transmission for a third party and sale, are a - fiction which is and is not receiving a case considerably, either, and, in a relation, there are at all about characters and a photography place.

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