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jc ★ prequel to be Pies to be fooled by the river] [super model  SALE


jc ★ prequel to be Pies to be fooled by the river] [super model
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When you begin the recruitment of interview held Model Audition
jc of hard kava is I have been doing fooled once again ! !

[ Information] Model

★ ★ name

Aso Yui ( Yui Aso )

★ ★ Age

● 4 -year-old

★ ★ feat
Do not shy

★ ★ club
Valley ( libero position )

★ ★ favorite actress

Kitagawa Keiko

★ aspiring model of motivation ★

Because I want to polish the girl power in the vicinity of the model 's

★ what you are doing in order to become a model ★

Do not eat the rice after 18 o'clock at night

[Video contents]

Yui -chan want to be a model really
It is much higher or study in the magazine , aesthetics also After the mid ● raw .

Well , luster of the skin is also a baby skin for it.
It is very popular at school like face and very cute .

However much you want to immerse yourself in ( Valley area) unfortunately club
Thing with Valley boyfriend ( laughs)

Therefore it is not ward off man That it is unattainable ...

I would come in the state that you have not even kiss shooting day of course ...

★ ★ Highlights

This volume , but I have divided the first half , the second half
Highlights of the first half is a figure of Yui -chan to follow the instructions of the interviewer while shame , even if I say anything .

I thought I Na 'm not really familiar .

At the direction toward the camera and Firefox 3.0 " and pussy " is
They wanted to do a show off the hand movements pussy cute voice while blush

Moreover, a total of three times ( laughs)

I was allowed to try the place is small middle voice ( laughs)

plain clothes pussy
underwear pussy
Swimsuit pussy

It just made it a shame play of swimsuit Invisibility last .

Figure you feel self-conscious is irresistible because it is a pure child with no experience at all .

Part has to become more hardcore .
♫ Please wait a while until the public

It will be published in the short-term parent Barre only so scary .

· 05 seconds 19 minutes WMV video
· Persons appearing in this work has confirmed they are 18 years of age or older .
· Persons appearing in this work is a model , I We have been shooting on the agreement .
- As intended to be published , was taken as the last video situation is this work .
· Is intended to pursue the fetish is in the private life , this work is not a voyeur work .
· I prohibited any reproduction image , such as moving images .

【Tags】 Model interview devil insult cheat junior high school students Tickling school swimsuit Valley section pussy
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