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Pies with cheating on student swimming portion of the student ta


Pies with cheating on student swimming portion of the student ta
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Although I was not a video Sell originally ,
Publish a limited time due to circumstances .

I am a teacher at a private school in middle and high consistency .

Opportunities to meet with a girl teens thanks to that in many cases,
It has also some imitation of crime by taking advantage of the privilege of the teacher .

Videos has photographed in such so has increased considerably ,
I've decided to go have exhibited little by little .

( Reason of the exhibition is that economic shamefully )

Videos of this time is one such example .

Because it is only scary Barre Dadashi , and Sell in the long term too ,
I will end the listing in a short period of time .

NAME Uemura Maiko (☆ K3 ○ 7 years)
Girls just turned K3 this year .
Body hardened moderately in extracurricular activities unbearable .
Hair Where can brown slightly ,
This is that it's born .
( I was taking out the natural hair application properly )

Do you have skin care neatly ,
There is no stain one is fair .

Contents of Video]
To say tutoring
This is a video of when I Tsurekon to house the swimming staff .
Lied because you to check the form ,
I turned the video camera .

The body was a plump ,
The clamped in school swimsuit was perfect ,
I am showing the beauty sensual .

Although towards the beginning what was puzzled ,
The expression of Iwanbakari me is fast interpolation from the middle .

Because it is a child sober eyes originally ,
There were things to come quite a gap between the figure goes mad .

I should say for just in case ,
I think this is a worthy criminal act .

Please do not imitate earnestly .

Face has come out firmly in this volume
You may want to delete the video without prior notice . Please note .

WMV 21:51

I forbids any reproduction image , video , etc.
Persons appearing in this work has confirmed that they are at least 18 years old
Description is all fiction , including the age
I am in compliance laws , conventions

【Tags】 Amateur individual shooting original real teen girl schoolgirl school girls college students middle school stud
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