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☆ sticky enamel with high-cut (pink) pseudo Blow Rim C model Yur


☆ sticky enamel with high-cut (pink) pseudo Blow Rim C model Yur
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※ It becomes an exhibition for a limited time.

Because it also serves as a test marketing of the DVD before its release,
Release will be terminated as soon as the decision public.

Although I've been selling videos and photos as a photographer until now,
It was decided to launch a new company this time.

Movie you Leaves for etch and even without any AV,
In other words, is a production company specializing Fuck with clothes.

But to sell the package suddenly high risk.
That is why, it was decided to place a test sale site here.

And so we become shorter time than the package material,
I will offer a price give you the minute.

[Model name] Yurina-chan (○ 3 years)
It was not in a hurry at the first meeting once again.
A girl of copper ☆ S also look yet mother accompanied.

It is in ☆ C once it is confirmed.
So as not to court case later said,
I had a seal to re-confirmation and agreement to the mother.

It seems very economically quite in fatherless families,
And things may be, no matter how extreme costume degree if you can not see.

Attractive delicate body white and the long hair of black hair.
So not quite the Hosoiko only this particular,
There were many catastrophes happen that during shooting costumes fall shift.

In addition, although you know and get to see the facial expressions,
Yurina-chan is like a character modest considerable,
It comes through it is are you quite nervous.

But how the fearful that, I am rather excited.
I was allowed to be taken with tension higher than usual.

[Movies content]
[Sticky sticks ice pseudo Blow]
Costume ... high-cut enamel (Pink)

Use the ice candy
I had a mere form of Blow.

How it was difficult to chan a lily of inexperienced yet.
It's licking hard but awkward.

But there is, but do you or cute also.

It said that wearing a swimsuit and,
Costume is just the thing pretty racy.

Sense, such as the video image of idle normal,
Please avoid be purchased.

Even given the claim that such "too obscene",
^ ^ Since it is not possible to be able to support us;

Face of the girl also firmly reflected in this volume.
For test marketing, there is a possibility to remove the videos without notice this commodity. Please note.

49 seconds MPEG-4 (H.264) 10 minutes

Description is all fiction, including the age
I have been in compliance laws, the Terms
The model has confirmed that they are at least 18 years old
I will take resolute measures to copyright infringement

【Tags】 Idol amateur individual shooting uniforms gravure upskirt original teen leg high school girls high school girls middl

【Ultimate FULL ぱ っ く】 Gurry child amateur model Yurina-chan ★ 8
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