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【Carefully selected set Ver.1】 ☆ C model Yurina ★ 2 videos ★ uni 1,800YEN (TAX INC.)
【Carefully selected set Ver.1】 ☆ C model Yurina ★ 2 videos ★ uni
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※ It becomes an exhibition with a limited time.

Since it also serves as test marketing before DVD release,
As soon as the release is decided, publication will be terminated.

I have been selling movies and pictures as a photographer until now,
I have decided to set up a new company this time.

Movie that can not escape with etch though it is not AV,
In other words, it is a production company specializing in eroding.

But selling suddenly in a package is risky.
So, we decided to put test sales on this site.

Because the time is shorter than the package,
We will offer it at a reasonable price accordingly.

[Model name] Yurina-chan (○ 3 years old)
I was impatient again for the first time.
Even if it is ☆ S girls and accompanied by mothers.

Once you confirm it is ☆ C once.
However, in order not to be tried at a later time,
I asked my mother to reconfirm & sign the contract.

It seems to be hard for a mother and child family to be economically difficult,
It is said that no matter how extreme costumes can be used if it is not visible.

White hairy and delicate body is attractive to long hair of black hair.
Especially since there are not so many thin children,
There were many happening that costumes slipped off while shooting.

Also you can see the expression you see,
Yurina-chan seems to be quite discreet personality,
I feel pretty nervous.

But it seems rather exciting to see that Odoro.
I got him to shoot with a higher tension than usual.

[Content of work]
● Movie 1 ☆ C Model Yurina-chan Series Uniform → Enamel Highleg (Pink) Posing with a Crisp Cos
Costume · · · uniforms, enamel highleg (pink)

In an effort to give a gap to this young face,
I had you wear quite sexy enamel costumes.

Pink luster
It matches a thin white body very much.

The uniform I'm wearing at first is perfect for the image
I was also excited about the way she took off embarrassingly from there.

MPEG-4 (H.264) 13 minutes 25 seconds

● Movie 2 ☆ C Model Yurina-chan Series Initial Oil Massage Enamel High Legue Extreme Costume and Masturbating Wind
Costume · · · Enamel Highleg (Pink)

With a pink shiny teka costume
I got a characteristic oil filled up.

For Yurina-chan
First oil massage in my life.

Even though I did it myself, it seemed quite comfortable,
You can see that the expression gradually becomes irksome.

My nipple is standing as I can see it from the costume,
It seems like you are masturbating from the middle.

It is quite erotic to have a cute face.

MPEG-4 (H.264) 15 minutes 13 seconds

[Total recorded content]
Movie × 2 MPEG-4 (H.264) 28 minutes 38 seconds

Although it is wearing bathing suit etc.,
Clothes are quite rich.

With a sense like a normal idle image video,
Avoid purchasing it.

Even if you are given a claim of "obscene"
We can not respond so ^ ^;

In the main part, the face of the girl is reflected firmly.
Because this product is for test sale, there is a possibility to delete the movie without a previous notice. Please note.

All explanatory sentences including age are all fiction
We comply with laws and regulations
We have confirmed that the model is over 18 years old
We will take decisive measures for copyright infringement

【Tags】  U-18 U-15 U-12 beautiful girls swimwear real wearing clothes idol amateur personal shooting uniform gravure panchira
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This Product Including ☆ Posing shooting C model Yurina-chan series uniforms → enamel
☆ Masturbation wind in C model Yurina-chan series first oil ma
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