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Pupils of a cram School Girl taking Selection Part 1


Pupils of a cram School Girl taking Selection Part 1
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【Time limit】 If you view it please hurry! It is! It is!

I did not intend to list it
It will be out and will be issued for a limited time only.

I am a lecturer at a cram school.

Until now we have many students
I sent it out.

Just using the position of such instructor
Such things and such things ....

It is recently around
It seems that it began to be noticed lightly,

For a while
It may become a cloud hiding.

Before that, I will show you the videos of the students we made
I decided to release it all.

■ Movie

It is a picture of memories that I shot for the first time.

An examinee is such a mysterious creature.

Even though university alone does not determine life,
They sell their bodies easily.

Because I am getting a little tired of playing like this,
I decided to publish movies on the net.

Exposing the abomination of the student to the whole world is also fun w

Movie WMV file 22: 53

■ Movie

It is truly strange as a student,
Do you think that it will be the end of life if it falls?

One of the students the other day

"Do not leave it as it is"
"I will let you accept me if I let you know"

To say, I bought it easily.

Well so thanks to this,
I am having fun thoughts (lol)

It seems that the last movie was also seen by many people,
I will release it on the net again.

Movie WMV file 23: 02

Although it is the source of consent,
I think that it is bad activity if it is done.

Just keep watching movies
Please never imitate it.

I will stop listing as soon as I've bald,
It may not be possible to purchase in a hurry.
Please be advised beforehand.

※ There is a firm face in this volume

Reproduction of images, movies, etc. is strictly prohibited
We confirm that the person appearing in this work is over 18 years old
All explanatory sentences including age are all fiction
We comply with laws and regulations

【Tags】 Amateur individual photography original real teens students school student bisho drunk girls school student female colleg
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W, which has been held out his body and I said [Gonzo and threat
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