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W, which has been held out his body and I said [Gonzo and threat SALE


W, which has been held out his body and I said [Gonzo and threat
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My father a famous private university ,
And I 'm a friend and president of the high school attached .
Even now , I am let me played with the private school student to a number of material it .

It was late , but I say you are a lecturer of cram school ,
I teach a wide range of high school students from elementary school .

The thing stupid and students really ,
Will it thinks even and will die if you fall ?

To ( have refrained from high school exam ) private school student in junior high school the other day

"I 'm still this fall grades, bad "
The " let someone Ukara After me Yarra "

If you say , we have been selling body easily .

Thanks to such a fool Well ,
I mean that is let me be a good time (laughs )

So as guests to watch a lot of people also moving the last
And I think Let the public to the net once again .

The w I will be exposed once again the abomination of student

★ time and collecting contents ★
WMV video file 23:02

- Blur , etc. does not depend on the face of the girl in this story .
· I prohibited any reproduction image , video , etc.
· Persons appearing in this work has confirmed that they are at least 18 years old

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