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[POV Amateur11-1] To a foreign student of a super sensitive body


[POV Amateur11-1] To a foreign student of a super sensitive body
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Reimu, an international student.

Really learned Japanese after coming to Japan, but now I am quite good at Japanese.

I've been date a couple of times, but on this day, at last I will go to Love Ho with Reimu.

When I talked to try making a girlfriend to make memories of Japan together, I got a lot of okay.

What I felt after dating with Rilei until now is a type of child who wants to challenge various things because he is very curious.

So I wonder if I came to Japan though I do not understand the words.

Before she came to Japan, she was watching Japanese AV, so I thought that she wanted to do it for girls taking an interest as well.

That's why I took a girlie shoot and I tried to sell it in such a form quietly.




Body viewing

Electric Maona

Electric attack

Hand man

Let me be four-fold and attack electric


Standing man

Has become.

I am becoming very well if you wear a sneaky sailor uniform that I love in Love Ho, and the degree of excitement has been raised more.

I felt it just by pulling the pants and digging into the pussy and it turned into a strange voice.

It is a considerably sensitive body.

I tried masturbating with electric mama because I do not usually masturbate. Before I masturbate I was told I was scared of Electric, but I immediately felt when Electric got hit.

I felt that even though the electric waves hit the nipple, I felt scared and immediately stopped.

So, when I hit the electric power, I will soon go "It will go! ! I felt that I was screaming out.

Besides, I blew up to the tide.

I was saying "No, I'm scared" when I tried to apply electricity again after squirting, but I felt instantly when I tried it.

Such a figure is very exciting.

In the handsman I gave a voice I do not understand whether I feel like crying or not.

I was told that Japanese people are more good at sex with transformation than Chinese people, but on this day they were attacked with various powers, in various positions, were taken there, and all the first experience of Rei - chan I wonder if it was pretty excited.

When I was having sex, the personal question I had in which country I feel was solved this day.

Please enjoy.

- Kirara Yoshikage -

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If illegal acts such as reprint without permission become apparent, those who carried out those illegal acts will be responsive to our damages
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