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Sexual feeling check   Yuko 30 years old


Sexual feeling check   Yuko 30 years old
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Yuko 30 years old
Height 161 cm Weight 48 kg Blood type A type B 87 (C) W 60 H 87
Young wife of 8 years married, clothes also have a sense of cleanliness and looks elegant. It seems quiet, but
I feel a masochistic feeling somewhere uneasy grief.

My first experience was at his age of 17 at his age of 18.
My current husband was the third male.
Although he was not inosine to "I am a lifetime, men experience the three people that do it," so I thought in housework, in the wake of looking for friends in NET not he also a friend in the neighborhood in the land do not know, get to know also that the obsession men going of the same sex It seems that there seems to have been addicted to the dating system for a while.
Recently even my husband does not come back in most home becomes a business trip often, SEX is only when the husband came home, twice a month position "I'm really a bland on it." That it there there is frustration.

When answering the questionnaire it always answers M and it is the answer just to say "I noticed M ___ ___ 0".
As I was first impressed, it was masochistic.

Since I decided my mind to do my first experience absolutely with my favorite guy until then.
Masturbation? Or try to touch the chest think vaguely at the time of the elementary school six years, "I want to be comfortable," said or try to touch the clitoris, was out to do in earnest since the beginning of the junior high school.
"Shower masturbation feels good at the highest."
My wife seems to have a strong pleasure desire.

Sexuality check at the punishment chair · · ·

If you take off your elegant clothes and make it naked, the nature is super mu super milf married wife.

A little spoiled way of talking, wife 's M - nature seeps out in the eyes behind the other' s eye.
Speaking as if to wear pantyhose in the nakedness, saying "to be seated in the punishment chair to wear while saying" embarrassing "" What is kore?
What is starting? "It is a cute M woman who will sit down properly with a bitter smile.
Although I am embarrassed of the state of female genital entirely over the pantyhose restraining limbs, I do not dislikes.
Trying with a rotor makes me feel frustrated. "Please let me go up ... Please let me ascend."
Insert your finger at a stroke and feel "feeling good, feeling good ~ igui ___ _ _ _ _ _ _ _"

Electric massage strikes where physical strength is exhausted. A blink, "What is this What is this, Damedame Damedame! Useless" after the scream was followed by the "A ~ A ~ ~'a ~" "I do not know, Yadayadayada, another Yada" after the
After feeling in touch with "feeling good, good feeling" "Igg ~ IgG ~" Maso wife who all drowns in pleasure
"What are you doing?" Look back on yourself while staring at the first sensation.

Her masturbation work is here!
"Yuuko housewife 30-year-old who finished ten consecutive calls when the cum closes,"

"Pissing Yuko 30 years old"

Her more detailed sexual orientation is at the following URL, a masturbation blog with images.

For this work, HD editing, file size is larger than usual.

--- hours --- 13 minutes 40 seconds
With voice

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