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Personally tied up and how to tie it Part.1 Aya (23 years old)


Personally tied up and how to tie it Part.1 Aya (23 years old)
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Personally tied up and how to tie it Part.1 Aya (23 years old)

Aya 23 years old
Height 152 cm Weight 44 kg Blood type A B 83 (D) W 56 H 81
The first experience was a 14-year old classmate, completely inserted without any pain at all.
He did not go on with a good feeling, but he likes him more.
Only three men who dated each other for about 10 people, and only the man who went by afterwards.
It is still a developing girl and I say that I have both sides of S and M.

I wanted to tie this bust beautifully and called Mr. Rooseki 's DK.
Mr. Aya is a beautiful woman who is white and the skin color is white and tits are shape, size, nipple color and satisfactory.

At this time I tried taking three with fixed cameras and one hand camera to see if there are a lot of people who want to learn how to tie down.

Her sexual enthusiasm is at the following URL, a masturbation blog with images.

Her masturbation work is here!

--- hour - - 24 minutes 52 seconds
With voice

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