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Street legs&socks snaps photos & movie Riisa


Street legs&socks snaps photos & movie Riisa
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This is a new photo book & videos.

Now is 23-year-old office lady, Riisa.

Left home at 8 am on this day 9:00 work, until 19:00 is your job, then meeting.

Put on leave nearly 12 hours because She wear pumps with internal state.

She never check the foot odor in her

Otherwise, sometimes in the late afternoon and Office work while foot odor wafting through the feet It seems those who worried about the stuffiness of the feet,

sweat and odor.sweat She was proclaimed.

Be sniffed the foot it is especially shameful in the

A person who likes that sort of odor comes to mind.

Impression capped the kitten, such as Shell Beach (tide) her foot was ish a fishy odor.

Stuffiness pretty sweaty time, meet sniffed, while occasionally wonderful odor was.

I guess her'd work.

Off the stockings and underwear, and even a little bit.

Tits's a C Cup.

Moistures of the job one day after?, Chan's black stocking feet and enjoy!

*Please see the Japanese page to see the detailed explanation!

Riisa, (23) OL 154 cm foot size 23~23.5cm


Photographic 117-6000 × 4000 size
3 min 55 sec 1920 x 1080 MP4 size
   Description: foot odor sniffed the foot fetish interview, butt touch

Stockings undress and took off her stockings smell smell

In the works is a likes with no mosaic!

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