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To train real amateurs to your favorite Queen. 【10 full-length h


To train real amateurs to your favorite Queen. 【10 full-length h
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This work "Train breeding to your own queen like an amateur" sells the file divided into 10 files to maintain image quality.

-------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------
We prepare sample videos that understand the atmosphere of the full story. Seeing is believing, seeing is believing, please consider by all means.

I thought that there was calmer tenderness than other co-generation of the same generation, but it seems to be the eldest daughter of three sisters.
Will it be a psychological state that makes it easy for me to jump to what I am interested in by coming to Tokyo.

I am instructed by the Queen and let me live a volunteer work.
I was ordered by the Queen to lick my feet and beaten with a whip while being abused.
Let me piss as a dog like a dog for my daughter who brings slaves and I will have you look at it by the Queen and smile.
I will be accompanied by a collar by the Queen's urine and let me clean the oman __ with a mouth as a human washlet after urination.
Let me eat meal only at the mouth released me at the feet of the Queen.
Desserts are pushed into the mouth with the Queen's feet and those attached to the Queen's feet are also beautiful.
I will punish whaling.
Please insert a salami in anal and play with laughter.
I will insert it raw.
Let me insert into a sensitive Queen, I can make a lot of slut with a sXXXe chin.

What I would like to see is the shyness and laughter of the Queen who witnesses real gemstones for the first time seen throughout the whole story, the expressions I drew, the atmosphere to order orders and so on.

I am doing this to a truly innocent amateur. It is genuine amateur ☆ 彡

-------------------------------------------------------------------- ------
Video length = approximately 2 hours 43 minutes 35 seconds
Screen resolution = 1920 × 1080 (FHD)
File format = MP4

It is already confirmed that it is over 18 years old with a face ID card.
※ We have obtained permission to shoot and sell from the model.
-------------------------------------------------------------------- ------

【Tags】 domina amateur personal independent genuine real real college student student JD SM anal pet
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This Product Including 本物素人を自分好みの女王様に育成する。1
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※ When coming under a violation to the above item, I can\'t sometimes help getting legal action.
※ A model makes an agreement in photography with me and is doing the photography after I got approval, and sale.
※ A photography model has confirmed that the age in the photography time is more than 18 years old.
※ There are no acts contrary to good public order and customs for a young people protection law and a troublesome prevention regulation.
※ This work is a situation animation to the end, it's a costume masquerade costume to the end about the work by which a uniform is worn.
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