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W Masu secret manifesting by dropping out a prospective student 1,200YEN (TAX INC.)
W Masu secret manifesting by dropping out a prospective student
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Actually, I, I have a connection with Wada University of Tenjin. Even though I myself did not seem to have a simple college graduate education, it was a life I had nothing to do with my obsession, but there are guys at W Waseda at my younger workers.

Moreover, it seems that he was doing something with the photography department at the time of college, so-called OB.

That sort of thing that senior of that W Inada Photograph Department OB means that I am OB too. This OB is an abbreviation for "Operation · Bing Bin's cock piercing". That is, it is a Gonzo.

Well, that method will go with the juniors of the photo department and go to the W Inada culture festival. I went there on November 3th.

There, after all it was! W I would like to enter Waseda, a student whom I admire will want to taste the air of W Inada as soon as possible, is it my breath of study? This is a man man who pulls out something different!

A colored uniform women girls from the photography department saying "I am taking photos of the cultural festival though it is the one in the W Inada photography department, please give me one piece!" The child who refuses to say it first not. Besides, I do not say anything about real OB.

Yes. So you can say something cute or cute, or model, can you become a good friend and it is already a victory. The air of the festival also helped, and the girls' licks are light.

There is a wonderful culture called SF at W Wada University, and this SF stands for "super free". In other words, it is supuri.

Such a thing, there is a wonderful aspect to grasp girls as insults as virtues. If you learn the spirit, you will be taken in a hotel that you brought in "Everyone is doing" "Employment is also advantageous if you get along with me" "W Would like to enter Inada" "Early in OB and acquaintance Sweet words that girls are pleased with, such as "stand up" comes out with a slurra mouth (and this word is not all a lie, it is not a lie, but a misunderstanding is selfish!)

Well, like that, without difficulty, I'm a pretty girl and a Gonzo aiming to enter W Waseda.

Rotation of the head is fast only to children who admire highly educated. It seemed like switching offense, or it seemed like I hated it until a while ago but it was pretty fun because the erotic switch entered with bacin.

The best attraction is Buckham. Even with 10 times of convenience, as soon as I got a piston, I had a body that was blown up again and again many times, so it is a pleasant pussy to tighten to Iku. However, it's noisy lol Ikuiku! Crying out, Recent students are self-assertive intensely.

You are a college festival you think that it is boring because there are only college students. In the case of a famous university, it is a blind spot because there is always a student who wants to enter there. Moreover, in the case of the university's school festival, general people also enter the campus. . . Costume Play. . .

Video: 37 minutes 16 seconds
1280 × 720

※ This is a situation video.
※ The age of the subject is confirmed definitely and we have a copy of the age confirmation document.

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