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Banging a School-famous Slut


Banging a School-famous Slut
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This girl is very famous in my college for being a slut!
I think she is twenty years old.
She is around 5 foot, but got huge F-cup boobs!

She is so slutty that her pussy is flooded so easily.

It starts off with her masterbation with a massager.
She panted so cutely that it aroused me so quickly lol
I am sure you feel the same.

Then we moved onto blowjob.
She is really smooth at it! Umm I wonder how many sticks she has put in her mouth...

After that I insert into her pussy! And it went through so easily thanks to her flooded hole.

And finished off with cream pie lol

I added a after cut of her taking a shower at the end.

Have a look!

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- It is promised that none of the contents is affiliated with any child pornography nor illegal acts. These are produced under Japanese laws.
- These are produced on artistic purpose only. There are no intention of violating right or dignity of anyone or any entity.

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